Abutilon Abutilon - Care, Reproduction, Formation Of Abutilon

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Abutilon Abutilon - Care, Reproduction, Formation Of Abutilon
Abutilon Abutilon - Care, Reproduction, Formation Of Abutilon
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Malvov family. Homeland of abutilone South America. Abutilon or Kanatnik, can be found with the name Indoor Maple. The genus has about 100 species (Abutilon theophrasti Theophrastus Kanatnik grows in Russia - it is not decorative), about 10 species are grown in culture.

Ornamental abutilons are evergreen trees with maple-shaped green or variegated leaves. There are semi-ampelous and ampelous species, for example, Abutilon megapotamicum. But on sale, most often, you can find hybrid Abutilons Abutilon hybridum (interspecific hybrids).


Abutilones are prized for their original leaf and lush color. Leaves are alternate, on long petioles; stems and petioles are often covered with short pubescence. The leaves are large - 17-20 cm long and 10 cm wide, three to five-lobed, green in color, but there are varieties and variations with variegated leaves. Flowers are solitary or 2-3 flowers are collected in axillary inflorescences, large, five-petal. The cable car blooms from spring to autumn. At a room temperature of 10-15 ° C, flowering continues in winter. Plants are spreading, easily bush. During flowering, each shoot is densely covered with flowers and buds. Abutilon is a fast-growing plant, and when planted in the ground reaches 1.5 m in height and up to 1 m in diameter. So if you need a plant that grows quickly and fills the room, then it is better not to find abutilon.

Abutilone care

At home, abutilon can grow as a small tree 1-1.2 m tall with a spreading crown. It is formed by cutting and pinching the shoots at the desired length.


Abutilon is more a greenhouse than a houseplant - it loves a cool room. Very often it is grown in kindergartens, where the heat is rare, and cooler in winter than in apartments. And the Indoor maple grows there beautifully, for it a quite comfortable temperature in winter is not higher than 21 degrees, optimally 12-13 ° C, at least 5-7 ° C. If you take the pots to the balcony, the plant can be kept there until late autumn, without watering, or with very limited watering until the end of October, as long as the temperature does not drop below 5 ° C.

It will be hot in a room with a working heating in winter, the only way out is to fence off the window sill along the entire window opening from the room with a greenhouse film.


Abutilones are photophilous, preferring direct sunlight for several hours a day in the morning or evening. In winter, the plant also needs good lighting. The best place for indoor maple is in the immediate vicinity of the south window.


Abutilon needs abundant watering from spring to autumn, with drying of the upper part of the soil for the next watering. Moderate in winter, very rare and superficial when kept cold. Try not to flood the plant, the flower does not like it when the earth dries out for a long time.


From April to August, abutilones are fed with special mineral fertilizers for flowering domestic plants, every 3 weeks. It is not advisable to apply organic fertilizer more than once - go add well-rotted compost during transplanting, or add organic matter with watering 1-1.5 months after transplanting.

Air humidity

The plant loves moderately humid air - optimally about 50%. In the summer, in the heat, be sure to spray the plant when it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Protect from hot air from batteries in winter.

Abutilone transplant

Soil for abutilon - 1 part of sod, 1 part of leaf or peat land, 1 part of humus, 1 part of sand. The pot of abutilon needs a fairly spacious, but for abundant flowering, the earthen ball must be well braided with roots. In the spring, in March, the plant is pruned and transplanted into fresh soil. If abutilone grows strongly over the summer, you can make a transshipment in July.

Reproduction of abutilon

Abutilones are easily propagated by seeds, which germinate in three weeks, it is better to sow in a mixture of leafy soil (or universal soil) and vermiculite (or sand). Seeds should be sprinkled with a 2-3 mm layer of earth. Moisten by spraying, cover with glass or foil until shoots appear. Fortified seedlings, when the first true leaves appear, dive into pots with a diameter of 8-10 cm.Do not delay planting seedlings from a common pot with seedlings - their roots grow vigorously and strongly intertwine, injuries are inevitable during transplantation.

Abutilone also reproduces well by cuttings, cut them in March-April, rooted in water. Choose cuttings still green, without wood. If the buds are on the shoots, they need to be removed and the top of the head 12-15 cm cut off.There are usually no special problems with rooting, but there are some tricks, for example, cuttings cut from the lower branches root better and faster, like cuttings from young bushes or growth shoots current year.

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