Acacia Acacia - Home Care

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Acacia Acacia - Home Care
Acacia Acacia - Home Care
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The legume family. Homeland Australia, Africa, Asia, Polynesia. It is a shrub with feathery leaves and flowers with a pleasant smell. Flowers are collected in spherical or elongated heads or ears. Tender leaves of acacia acacia folds as soon as it gets dark.

  • Acacia silver Acacia dealbata - known as mimosa, which is usually sold on March 8 in many cities of Russia.
  • Acacia armed Acacia armata is a shrub reaching a height of 1-1.2 m with ribbed pubescent twigs.
  • Long-leaved acacia Acacia longifolia is a branchy tree with bare twigs and grayish-green phyllodia, resembling the branches of a weeping willow.

Acacia - home care


Acacia is not a houseplant, but a greenhouse. But if you have an insulated balcony or a bright winter garden, it can be a worthy decoration for it.

Temperature: Normal in summer, in winter acacia needs a cool but bright room with a temperature of 10 to 12 ° C, but not lower than + 8 ° C.

Lighting: Acacia is light-requiring, no shading is needed, but a lot of sunlight is needed (south side).

Watering: Abundant from spring to autumn, very moderate in winter, especially if the plant is kept in a cool place in winter.

Fertilizers: Every year in spring and summer, fertilizing is carried out with a complex fertilizer for flowering indoor plants with a higher dose of phosphorus and potassium and low nitrogen.

Air humidity: No need for spraying.

Reproduction: Cuttings and seeds. Cut semi-woody cuttings for rooting, about 10 cm long. They need to be planted in a sterile environment - a mixture of leafy earth and vermiculite, heated in a microwave or oven. Treat the cuttings with root, put the pots with cuttings in a mini-plate so that there is high humidity. Seeds are sown in January-March, soil heating is required. Before sowing, the seeds of acacia are poured over with boiling water, filed or cut (except for acacia comb - its seeds sprout well on their own in 3-4 weeks).

Transplant: Transplant is carried out annually in spring, old plants every 2 years. Soil: light turf (3 parts), peat (2 parts) and fine gravel of 2-3 mm fraction (1 part). Acacia roots have a garlic smell, which is felt when transplanted. The pot needs a large and spacious, drainage to the bottom with a layer of 4-5 cm and large holes for water drainage. The acidity of the soil for acacia is close to neutral pH 6.8-7.

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