Ardizia Ardizia - Description, Care, Problems Of Growing

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Ardizia Ardizia - Description, Care, Problems Of Growing
Ardizia Ardizia - Description, Care, Problems Of Growing
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The Mirsinov family. Homeland tropical and subtropical countries of the world - China, Japan, etc. About 400 species are widespread in nature.

At home, Ardisia crenate has spread, Ardisia crenata is an evergreen shrub or a small tree about a meter high. The leaves are alternately arranged, smooth leathery, lanceolate and with a crenate edge. Fragrant white flowers are collected in thyroid inflorescences. Fruits - numerous red berries about 1 cm in diameter - remain hanging on the branches for a very long time

Ardisia care

Temperature: moderate in summer, not lower than 15 ° С, but preferably not higher than 28 ° С. In winter, Ardisia prefers cool temperatures around 10-12 ° C. Poorly tolerates stuffy heated rooms with a lack of lighting - the lower leaves dry and fly around.

Lighting: very bright place. Gratefully receives the sun's rays in the morning before 11 o'clock and in the evening, after 4 pm (east or north-west window). Requires shading at midday in summer.

Watering: moderate in summer, plentiful on hot days, but in the upper part of the pot, the earth should have time to dry out. In winter, neat, depending on the room temperature, with good drying of the earth.

Top dressing: from May to October, every two weeks, Ardisia is fed with special complex fertilizers for indoor plants. You can use "Rainbow", "Ideal", "Fertika", etc.

Air humidity: Ardisia responds well to regular spraying with warm water at any time of the year, if the air temperature is above 20 ° C.

Transfer: in February - March annually. The soil is a mixture of heavy turf and leafy soil, rotted manure or greenhouse soil with the addition of sand. They make good drainage in the pot, and pieces of birch charcoal are added to the soil. To form the crown of the ardisia in the spring, it is cut off or pinched.

Reproduction: apical cuttings and seeds. Cuttings are rooted in indoor greenhouses. Seeds are sown in January - March, soil heating is required, since the most favorable soil temperature for germination is 22-23 ° C.

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