Choosing Flowers And Plants - Part 2

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Choosing Flowers And Plants - Part 2
Choosing Flowers And Plants - Part 2
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Flowering and deciduous plants on the same windowsill


Composition of decorative leafy and decorative flowering plants

Many indoor flower lovers have different plants, both decorative-flowering and decorative-deciduous: they choose flowers so that there is a lot of greenery and flowers on the windowsill or table by the window. An experienced florist has knowledge of the requirements of plants for temperature, soil, humidity and light, tries to place together only flowers that are similar in need to create a beautiful composition or group, and at the same time make it easier to care for them.

  • Place plants that need more light closer to the window or glass on the window. Make sure that the group of plants is illuminated from a window, or lamps evenly from all directions.
  • If you have plants that need to be sprayed regularly and plants that don't like getting water on their leaves, then don't put them together.
  • In creating a composition from different plants, one must also take into account the fact that there are plants that do not like to come into contact with anything and do not like when they are rearranged, it is better to put such plants separately. If you are planting plants in a single container, pot or container, consider the growth rate and acidity requirements of the soil. If some plants in the composition grow faster, others slower, then soon it will lose its decorative effect.
  • It should also be taken into account that decorative deciduous plants, as a rule, are green and covered with leaves all year round, among the decorative flowering plants there are those that during the dormant period are deprived of flowers and leaves and need a completely different care. However, you can select plants in such a way that summer-flowering plants will bloom first, and then, when they have a dormant period, winter-flowering plants will take their place.

Unpretentious indoor plants

Among the unpretentious indoor plants, there are decorative deciduous and decorative blooming, so those who want to make it easier for themselves to grow indoor plants or flowers have plenty to choose from. Some plants, such as aspidistra or cissus antarctic, grow even in poorly lit rooms. Other plants, such as sansevieria or cacti and other succulents in all their variety of species, tolerate prolonged drying out of the earthy coma.

Clivia and sparmania are distinguished by their unpretentious cultivation culture, which, even without special care and in relatively tolerable conditions, can "live" for a very long time and even bloom every year. A lazy florist can also be advised by the flowering impatiens, or touchy, primroses, or geranium, euphorbia, cyperus, bilbergia and beloperone.

Such an unassuming and therefore, probably, common Tradescantia is ideal for growing in hanging baskets and pots. Cissus rhomboid, Antarctic cissus and climbing philodendron, as well as chlorophytum are also suitable for this.

Some tree-like houseplants are also easy and unpretentious to grow - these are monstera, Benjamin's ficus and hedera (ivy).

It should be remembered that, without being lazy, and creating the best conditions for keeping, even for an unpretentious plant, you can get such a beautiful specimen that you can only envy. Well, those who doubt the presence of the so-called "light hand", who are simply lazy or forgetful, should plant only the most unpretentious plants that we have already mentioned.

Other unpretentious plants

Aspidistra, asparagus, achimenes, some types of begonias, balsam, bilbergia, beloperone, hemantus, dracaena, clivia, coleus, clerodendrum, cacti and all succulents, arrowroot, nephrolepis, primula, ivy, peperomia, sansevieria, sercevieria, sparmonium, saintpaulia, bastard, tradescantia, fatshedera, chlorophytum, hamerops, cissus, cyperus, shefflera, ehmeya, etc.

Choice of flowers and plants

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