Fertika Lux Is A Crystalline Fertilizer. Consumption Rates, Application

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Fertika Lux Is A Crystalline Fertilizer. Consumption Rates, Application
Fertika Lux Is A Crystalline Fertilizer. Consumption Rates, Application
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Fertika crystal
Fertika crystal

Previously, this fertilizer was produced under the Kemira-Lux brand, now the name has changed, but one can hope that the quality of the fertilizer will not suffer from this.

Fertilizer composition: NPK 16-20-27 + microelements (Fe -0.1%, B - 0.02%, Cu - 0.01%, Mn - 0.1%, Mo - 0.002%, Zn - 0.01 %).

Please note that this fertilizer composition is suitable, first of all, for flowering and fruit plants. If you have saintpaulias, citrus fruits, hibiscus, primroses, pelargoniums, stephanotis, etc. plants - you should pay attention to this fertilizer.

  • crystalline (fine fraction) complex mineral fertilizer;
  • intended for feeding indoor, balcony and garden plants;
  • all macro- and microelements are in an optimal ratio;
  • the fertilizer does not contain chlorine;
  • stimulates the formation of buds and fruits;
  • increases flowering duration;
  • helps to obtain a rich color of flowers;
  • available in packs of 20 and 100 g.

Recommendations and consumption rates

The contents of 1 package weighing 20 g is designed for 10 liters of water. 20 g of fertilizer is a tablespoon without a top, dissolved in 10 liters of water, for watering indoor flowering plants, fruit and berry crops. For feeding seedlings, the dose is taken twice as small - 10 g of fertilizer per 10 liters of water. It is recommended to water the plants with the prepared solution once a week in the spring-summer period, indoor plants (including fruit trees) and seedlings, and flowers and fruit shrubs in the garden - once every two weeks.

How to measure fertilizer without scales


The most important thing is not to exceed the dosage, otherwise you can burn the plants! For some flowers, the dose is taken in a lower concentration (read the recommendations for growing plants). For example, for saintpaulias, a concentration is used half as much - about 10 g of crystalline powder per 10 liters of water. From my own experience: I dissolve half a teaspoon of Fertik Lux in 5 liters of water.

Remember that indoor plants need to be fed during the growing season, from March to August (seedlings from February). Do not feed dormant plants, diseased and weakened plants, plants after severe drying, plants with damaged roots. You cannot feed the plants immediately after transplanting (there are enough nutrients in the ground for at least a month). Check the plant specific nutrient requirements before applying fertilizer.

Hazard class - 3 (moderately toxic substance). When using, wash your hands, do not use food utensils to prepare the solution.

Products under the name Kemira, Kemira GrowHow, GrowHow have not been produced in the Russian Federation since 01.01.2011. Fertilizers with a release date later than this date are fakes, be careful when buying fertilizers.

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