Myths About Cacti

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Myths About Cacti
Myths About Cacti
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Cacti in the garden
Cacti in the garden

I will try to dispel some stereotypes regarding cacti:

Myth 1. Cacti need to be watered once a month.

Nothing like this. Of course, cacti are drought-resistant, but you don't need to mock them like that! During the growing season, cacti must be watered in the same way as other indoor plants, making sure that the water does not stagnate in the pan. Also, in cacti during extreme heat (more than 35 degrees), a second period of dormancy may occur. At this time, it is better to limit watering, dispensing with morning spraying from a fine spray bottle. Well, in winter, of course, you do not need to water if the cacti are in the cold.

Myth 2. Cacti love the heat.

Also wrong. Yes, many cacti (mammillaria, prickly pear, in general, most of the North American species) love direct sun. But South American cacti - hymnocalycium, notocactus, for example, do not like the midday sun, they would be better off with an east or west window. Ideal for cacti - southeast or southwest window. In addition, heat above 35 C causes stagnation in cacti - a stop in growth.

Myth 3. Cacti need to be kept warm, they cannot be taken outside.

And also wrong! Cacti, like you and me, are hardened. Outdoors, especially in fresh air and good lighting, cacti thrive. In addition, temperature drops are even necessary for some high-altitude cacti for normal growth and flowering (lobivia, for example). In addition, hardened cacti are less susceptible to disease and pest attacks. And cacti need ultraviolet rays.

Of course, if your balcony faces a gas-polluted avenue, then, alas, this advice is not for you …

Cacti are taken out into the street from the time they begin to plant seedlings. It is better to do this in cloudy weather so that the cacti get used to the outdoor lighting. It is not necessary to pick up in the rain - cacti can be placed on the balcony so that too many drops do not fall on them, and those that fall will not do anything bad - on the contrary, they will stimulate growth. Cacti are very fond of thunderstorms, this stimulates them - in their homeland, thunderstorms precede flowering.

But it is worth picking them up only when the temperature drops below 8-10 degrees at night - approximately in early October.

Myth 4. Cacti are powered by energy from the monitor.

I don't know what kind of miracle it invented, but it's a lie. Of course, if your monitor is in a sunny place, the cactus will grow, but not from the monitor. Magnetic radiation from the monitor has a good effect on plants, but neither cacti nor other plants live off this energy. And all the more, they do not take radiation on themselves - lovers of healthy work, this is for you! How many times have I seen such "amateurs" have frozen cacti proudly standing at the monitors! It is much more effective to put up a protective shield rather than kill the plant.

Myth 5. Cacti are unpretentious.

Not true! If you think that unpretentiousness lies in drought tolerance, then you are mistaken, and how. For a cactus to be beautiful, healthy and delight you with flowering, you need to observe a bunch of conditions. Think 50 times before you buy a cactus. Can you provide a dry, cold winter, enough light, proper care: If not, forget about cacti or study.

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