Arrowroot - Plant Adaptation

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Arrowroot - Plant Adaptation
Arrowroot - Plant Adaptation
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Acclimatization of plants after purchase

So, we have chosen a plant. By far the best of the best. Let's listen to ourselves, maybe we still want to take that deadhead at the door? Yes, and it is cheap. This will already be your choice, but I will tell you what to do next if you bought a completely healthy and beautiful plant.

And you need to do so that this beauty and health are not lost overnight. Therefore, we pack carefully or control the packaging process.

Do not hesitate to ask to pack more carefully if it is winter or autumn outside. The plant must fully reach the house alive and healthy.

In many stores, plants are brought in plastic bags with the name of the plant written on it. But even if your flower turned out to be without a package, feel free to demand to pack in it, and then two layers of paper (of course, if the seller did not do it himself).

buying flowers
buying flowers

It would be nice to have two packages with you in advance - one heat-insulating - Ashanovsky (although these thermal packages are unlikely to be useful at minus temperatures, but at least the possibility of a draft will be excluded), and another, in which you put a flower and, tying package, put on the bottom of Ashanovsky or whatever else you will be given.

Don't feel like these packages are redundant. It's not cold for us, especially in warm clothes, and we don't need a frost-bitten flower and tears.

Naturally, if it is summer, all this is not necessary, but it will not hurt to pack it in one layer of paper - so protect the plant from hot rays and dust. Although, of course, it is better to put it in a dark plastic bag. But this is not for everybody.

So, we packed it and brought it home. What to do at home:

It is necessary to find the most suitable place for the plant, with no drafts and direct rays, but not in pitch darkness. Take it as a rule - any plant (especially arrowroot!), Having adapted to one place, will want to live exactly where it feels good. Even if you don't carry it to another room, the plant will feel uncomfortable even 20 cm from the previous place.

When choosing a place, we bet that it will become permanent for the arrowroot miracle

3. Carefully unpack and carry to the bath. It is warm and humid there, the flower should receive its positive charge.

After 10-15 minutes, gently touch the leaves, if they are warmed up, then you can proceed to the second plan. Even if the flower was bought in the summer, I still advise you to leave it alone for 10 minutes in the bathroom.

4. Now carefully wash the leaves with a wet sponge dipped in warm (not hot) settled water.

Washed up, now you leave the plant alone with the bliss of moist air. But not for long.

The plant should not be too wet. You don't need to wash the leaves at all, but immediately after 10 minutes in the bathroom, take them to a permanent place and place them in a plastic bag (for ktenant and kalateas, it is possible for stromant). If you have an ordinary tricolor or two-color arrowroot, you don't have to worry and just put it. No package.

Although the package can serve as a temporary quarantine.

5. Now we leave the plant alone, remembering to open (but do not lower!) The bag every day and air it for 15-20 minutes. After a week, we actually increase this amount of time - twice a day.

After another week, we observe the plant, how it feels, if, in your opinion, it has already returned to normal, you can gradually lower the bag when airing.

When the adaptation period ends, which can last from one week to a month in arrowroots, you can think about a transplant.

Here we will take into account the state of the plant as a whole, its roots (how much space they took in the pot, they are not visible, or they all stick out of the ground at the top and crawl into the pan persistently), the state of the soil in which the plant sits.

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