How To Grow A New Year's Cyclamen

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How To Grow A New Year's Cyclamen
How To Grow A New Year's Cyclamen
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Cyclamen is one of the rare plants that bloom from late autumn to spring. Therefore, on New Year's Eve, at all major sales and trading floors - from Auchan to OBI, whole fields of cyclamens appear, and at a very modest price.

These cyclamens are grown by manufacturers specifically for the New Year and Christmas holidays. And they are intended to please us for a very short time - 3-4 weeks. Then most of the plants die.

There is a lot of controversy on the network about the origin of cyclamens and their lifespan. There is an opinion that "Dutch" (read European) cyclamens do not live long, as they are grown on hormones, stimulants and vitamins. Indeed, the producers have tried to make these beautiful flowers bloom en masse and delivered to the New Year markets.

But it's not just hormones or stimulants. We must be aware that these flowers were actually grown as a potted plant for temporary decoration of the holiday. We only decorate the tree for a short winter break, and then disassemble and put it in a box until next New Year. Likewise, cyclamens should be considered as an inexpensive decoration for the holidays.

Is it possible to keep cyclamens for a long time? Yes, you can, but not indoors. It's time to drop the stereotypes that everything planted in pots will live for many years, just water it. This is not true. Cyclamen is a delicate and capricious plant.

You are deceived when they say: "it is not difficult to grow cyclamens, it is enough to know what they need …"

The whole difficulty lies in the fact that cyclamens are very demanding plants. Units of flower growers are able to grow them for years. First of all, we, humans and cyclamen, need completely different conditions of existence: when we are cold, the cyclamen is just right. We freeze if the thermometer at home shows 20 degrees and we run to complain to the utilities and wrap up the children. And by the way, the most useful temperature for little kids is 18-20 degrees, which terrifies our grandmothers, for cyclamens - heat.

So, cyclamens need coolness. Not airing from time to time, but a constant temperature. And just imagine it is 13-15 degrees. Holodina! The only place in a normal apartment is a heated balcony or loggia. If there is enough light: east, west or south, then at this temperature cyclamens will bloom for a very long time and delight you.

This is provided, if you water the cyclamens correctly. The fact is that the air humidity at a temperature of 13-15 degrees Celsius is rather high, no spraying! But the soil in pots dries out very slowly. Therefore, it is necessary to water cyclamens carefully, in no case, avoiding contact with the tuber and base of the leaves, otherwise they easily rot. Water only around the edge of the pot. By the time of the next watering, the earth (according to the sensations of your fingers) should be slightly damp in the depths of the pot and dry on top. Moreover, in the upper layer, the earth should dry out no longer than two days. If it dries longer, then you need to water less. If it dries up in a day - a little more.


The water requirements for cyclamens are simple: room temperature (keep water in a bottle in the same room) and not too harsh. No dancing with tambourines, boiling, filtering. Cyclamen is able to tolerate moderate water hardness. Can be poured into a pallet. The main thing is that the soil never dries out completely.

Flowering cyclamens are fed once every two weeks with a complex mineral fertilizer for flowering plants. As soon as the number of buds began to decrease, feeding should be stopped.

When the cyclamen finishes flowering, it gradually loses its leaves and goes into a dormant state. If the cyclamen itself does not go into a dormant state, then from the beginning of April, simply reduce watering, and then completely stop.

This leaves one naked tuber. It can be stored almost completely dry. At a storage temperature of about 12 degrees, watering the tuber is not required. It is not even necessary to remove it from the pot - just put the pot on its side. Ideally, the cyclamen in the first decade of May can be taken out into the garden, the threat of frost has already passed and the temperature is the most suitable for the cyclamen.

Since the cyclamen tuber does not sink into the ground during planting, most of it remains in sight, you can notice new growth points at the end of the dormant period. Gradually, the awakened tuber grows new leaves. Watering is resumed, gradually increasing with the growth of new leaves. It is better to transplant tubers into fresh soil in late summer - early autumn, in a slightly larger pot, burying no deeper than half. If you want to propagate cyclamen, then you can divide the tuber, cutting it so that on each part there are 2 growth buds and roots. At the same time, you need to plant the divisions in small pots.

You can bring cyclamens into the house when the temperature outside begins to drop below 10 degrees. And place the cyclamen in a room where the temperature is not higher than 15 degrees.

If the cyclamen is not provided with a cool and dry dormant period, it can continue to grow, but the bulbs are depleted and the next bloom will be very frail or none at all. The plant will die not this year, so next …

What to look for when buying a cyclamen for the New Year

  • Buy plants that are stored in the store in cool conditions (refrigerated racks).
  • Buy cyclamens whose potted soil is not too damp and the tuber is not buried in the ground.
  • Buy not the largest specimens, it is better to purchase 2-3 pots of small cyclamens than one, but large.
  • Choose cyclamens that have a fairly spacious pot, not cramped. The optimum distance from the tuber to the wall of the pot is 3-4 cm. If it is less, then the plant will not stand for a long time, or it will have to be urgently transplanted.
  • Do not buy plants with yellow leaves, dark spots on the leaves.
  • Do not trust the seller if, on the subject of slightly wilting leaves, he says that the plants were simply not watered over the weekend. It most likely dies from waterlogging.
  • Do not buy cyclamen from the store if it has been sprayed with water, ostensibly from the heat.

Cyclamen tuber as a cure for the common cold

After it became clear that the cyclamen is not your plant (there are no suitable conditions, tired, dies, etc.), you can extract the tuber and prepare from it a medicine for the common cold, which is very effective, I must say.

  • Peel the tuber, cut off the roots, rinse and peel.
  • The tuber needs to be grated on a fine grater, then rub through a sieve to squeeze out the juice. By the way, not a lot of juice is obtained from one tuber, only 3-4 tablespoons.
  • This juice must be diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1:10. If you dilute the juice right away, you get too much medicine. Therefore, I advise you to freeze freshly squeezed cyclamen juice in the smallest ice cube trays.

If necessary, you can defrost it, dilute it with water and instill 1 drop of fresh solution into each nasal passage.

Never add undiluted cyclamen juice - it contains poisonous substances. In a diluted form, they treat us by killing microbes, in a concentrated form, and when ingested, they poison us.

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