Croton - Reproduction, Care, Transplant - In Questions And Answers

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Croton - Reproduction, Care, Transplant - In Questions And Answers
Croton - Reproduction, Care, Transplant - In Questions And Answers
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How to care for croton


Question: I want to buy Croton, what difficulties may arise?

Leelu: My croton and I fought for survival for 5 months! At first, dry spots appeared, then the leaf fell off. He is almost completely bald. I sprayed it with epin every week (in addition to daily spraying). He lived under the package for 2 months. Now it stands on a pallet with wet expanded clay, has grown a new crown, and has released leaves and even a twig from the buds on the trunk.

Carina: When I bought my croton, I almost ruined it. And he only needs:

  • in high humidity (water in the pan, but so as not to come into contact with the ground; splash more often; away from heating devices)
  • good lighting (so that the leaves are bright)
  • no drafts
  • regular watering, without overdrying and excess moisture

By the way, high humidity prevents the appearance of a nasty parasite - spider mites! I barely saved my little baby.

Croton - care and cultivation - in the section of the Encyclopedia of indoor plants.

maksim: Crotons will have serious problems for those who like to water every other day, regardless of the season or shady location. Sometimes they write that Croton puts up with shading but loses its color, a fairy tale, with everyone with whom I talked, and with me, after 2-3 cloudy days, they stop growing. Another problem is codiaum (croton) - a spider mite (treated by spraying - mustard gas). Plus, this tree loves fresh air, but cannot stand cold drafts. And Croton also suffers from a long drying out of the soil - as the leaves began to fall (wither) - water immediately.

Ann: My croton is about three years old, Gold Star. According to observation, he does not really like the bright sun, he becomes colorless red. And when it stands in the scattered sun, it is lemon green with bright yellow peas. Only I am tormented by the question - how best to shape it. While it is a tree-like plant, which constantly gives side branches. If anyone has experience in this type - share your experience of formation.

Croton: leaves have lost their color

Question: And my little narrow-leaved croton has become completely pale yellow, what should I do?

Nata1: Get out of the direct sun. The color of croton leaves changes with age, but it also depends on the light. If you put it in a dark place, then, most likely, the leaves will remain green, if too sunny, they will turn pale (burn out).

Croton leaves fall

Question: The lower leaves fall with age, is this correct or not? The trunk is exposed. Well, then he will become completely naked?

Maslenitsa: In winter, this happens and there may be several reasons: dry air, draft, low light. Check for pests (just in case). For several years, not a single bottom sheet has fallen in the whole year.

narrow-leaved croton
narrow-leaved croton

Question: And what if the croton (codiaum) has a bare trunk below. Where leaves have fallen off, new ones will not grow? So can then cut off the top and plant?

Carina: I wouldn't advise you to cut off the top and root it. I tried to root the tops of the croton many times. None of them caught on. Croton is very difficult to root exactly the top, especially if it is massive with burdock leaves! But you can root a lateral shoot, if there is one, it will give roots better. So that the croton's trunk does not become bare ahead of time from below, it is necessary to spray more often, not to dry it out, the air from central heating hurts worst of all. Of course, the leaves will not grow in the same place, but perhaps in these places your croton will begin to branch.

irina-bahus: The lower leaves fall away from lack of moisture, nothing can be done about this, but you can plant something short and fluffy down.

Croton - reproduction

Question: How to propagate croton from a cutting?

irina-bahus: Rooting the crown is difficult. But time and size are important here - the stalk should be small 10-15 cm, and the tops, as a rule, are voluminous, heavy. Therefore, if you cut off the crown, you need to cut off the leaves, leave the top 3-4 the smallest. And cut the cuttings in the spring or summer. Do not try to root in autumn or winter when it is cold and little light.

Butterbox: Of 7-8 cuttings, half or less will take root. The main thing in this process is not to let the leaves go limp, for which they need to be placed under a hood. I sometimes have them under additional lighting. Crotons with small leaves take root with a bang, large ones are more difficult.

Buttercup: I grew my Croton Goldfinger from a cuttings that just stood in the water until they took root. Charcoal or activated charcoal was added to the water. He is now two years old.

Ann: The secret of rooting croton (codiaeum) is simple - you don't need to remove young shoots, you need them to grow more and get stronger, then it takes root perfectly both in water and in the ground.

Croton formation

Question: Is it necessary to pinch it for branching, or does it bush itself? It's just that I still have a small one - 12 leaves.

Kroky: If it's a large-leaved croton, you don't need to pinch or graft. Such ones give side shoots very poorly (if at all). I had a sad experience with the Gold King Croton. My cat decided to "pinch" him. He bit out the growth point. No lateral ones appeared, and a new growth point appeared on the upper leaf. This happened twice. After the third "pinching" Croton gave up and began to die. None of my manipulations helped.

Helen: yes, you can, I pinched and cut mine, after which they branch, but not abundantly. And without pinching or pruning, it gives 1 or 2 side shoots in a couple of years of cultivation.

Croton land

Question: I bought a croton, do I need to transplant or enough transshipment, and in what land?

Kroky: Take the universal soil from the store, add vermiculite to it (a fifth), and the pot is a little larger (2-3 cm in diameter), the size of the store is usually such that it is not clear how the flower was shoved there. The method of transplanting is a matter of taste and condition of the roots. If the roots are normal, shake off the earthen lump a little and plant Croton. After transplanting, spray with epin - it is a stimulant of the immune system.

Ann: The soil for croton is the most common - this plant is not demanding on the soil, as long as it does not turn sour (it is covered with a salt coating). You can take garden soil, but add more vermiculite to it, about 1/4 of the total mass. If you buy soil for croton in the store, choose the one for palms, ficuses, monstera. Don't forget to drain at the bottom of the pot!

Question: What kind of pots do crotons like: shallow or deep? My croton grows so slowly, although the color is juicy, and the leaves seem to be different in floors - one floor is large leaves, the second is small, and so it alternates. I think maybe the pot has become small?

irina-bahus: He doesn't need a small pot, a regular one will do. Only commensurate with the roots - in a large pot, it is very likely to flood. My Croton Gold Star also grows slowly, but Exellent grows quickly. Maybe this is a peculiarity of the variety.

How Croton grows

Question: I bought a little crotch, while the adaptation period was underway, the leaf developed. Then there was a transplant (most likely transshipment) soil, watering, habitat (eastern window), everything is normal! No drafts! The root is normal! The roots are whitish, elastic. But, for some reason, he stood still all summer and did not give out a single leaf! What is the problem and how to deal with it?

Kroky: If you take good care of him, spray him, the water does not stagnate, he drinks normally, the leaves do not pour, then personally I do not see a problem. Croton can grow in jerks, released 2-4 leaves, froze for a while, etc. Patience!

flower croton
flower croton

Question: Do crotons bloom? It looks like a bud is being tied on my young croton.

Innusik: This is how my Croton Excelent (large) blooms.

irina-bahus: Mine bloomed once, last year I did not indulge in this one, but at first the male "flowers" came out - there were large drops of syrup on the stick, in some modified sepals (apparently), and two weeks later it came out the second branch, and there were balls on it. After much pain, I tried the syrup and as a result I ate it all - it turned out to be very tasty. And then croton has two types of flowers, maybe your underdeveloped leaf is an unsuccessful attempt at a male inflorescence? Because the balls are fluffy - they are definitely female.

Buttercup: If your croton is still weak, then it is better not to let it bloom. Flowering still requires additional strength from plants.

Question: I want to buy a little crotch. How fast are they growing? Does it make sense to buy a small plant?

irina-bahus: Unfortunately, crotons grow quickly, I would even say very quickly. Some can be restrained by pinching, and some still grow no matter what. So it's better to buy a small one, there will be time to think about what to do with it later.

Question: Is it true that crotons change color and what does it depend on?

irina-bahus: Crotons definitely need light, and as much as possible. The variegated form changes color depending not only on light, but also on age. I have on a large Croton, which is Exellent, the leaves are red below, yellow in the middle, and very young green above.

Question: What to add to Croton bald from below? I was thinking of a few peperomias or the ficus "Sunny". Wouldn't such a boost to Croton be damaged?

Buttercup: "Sunny" ficus should not be used as a ground cover. it has very strong roots and drowns out others. My croton perfectly coexisted with a fat woman and fittonias.

Mite on croton

mite on croton
mite on croton

Question: I left 3 weeks ago - he released 4 luxurious green leaves, 2 not yet quite large and 2 more rudimentary leaves. And today I see: all the leaves instead of green ones are burgundy, those leaves that were going to grow, about 1 cm each turned yellow and fell off. At the same time, the old leaves in the middle remained green with burgundy. Is this good or bad?

Kroky: there is a suspicion that a tick. As it was with me - when rearranging, a leaf fell out of the middle of the crown, it seems to be nothing special, but upon closer examination, from the outer and inner sides of the spot (on the underside of the leaf there are white dots, removed by hand), and from the inner fossa. And on a young leaf, still green, I noticed a strange purple speck. This is a mite, such a purple color scheme adds.

Tishka: If there are specks, like from a needle prick, it's a tick. Especially after the store, this is common. Spray it with any anti-tick preparation, because it is useless to wash (the leaves of this croton are wavy and it is almost impossible to wash well).

Croton - features of growing

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