Money Tree - How To Care For It

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Money Tree - How To Care For It
Money Tree - How To Care For It
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How to root a money tree

fat woman
fat woman

Question: How to root a bastard (money tree)?

irina-bahus: If from fallen leaves, then just don't need to bury, as they fell, let them lie. In about a month and a half, small money trees appear, which grow quite quickly.

Lusi: Cuttings in water should not be rooted, - straight into the land. Land for cacti and succulents, add 2: 1 sand. I would try to land it like that. Take a pot like a bowl, drainage to the bottom, poured the prepared soil and not cutting anything dry, laid the twig on the ground, sprinkled the dry soil with soil, and leave the green tail. I think they should, at least a couple of kidneys, wake up and germinate. If the land is taken from a new, i.e., sealed bag, then you do not need to water after planting, do not water for a couple of days, but spray a little so that the earth is only 1 cm wet. And if the earth is from an open package, then after planting you can water it, but literally a teaspoon.

Fat woman (money tree) - care and cultivation

Anyuta: I rooted the bastard cuttings in slightly damp sand.

Polly: And I always dry it out during the day before planting it - it rooted nicely.

Mila: They don't put the fat woman in the water - you need to treat the cut with charcoal, dry it, and then root it in sand, perlite or even just soil, without deeply deepening and almost watering.

Light-loving money tree

Question: I read about the fat woman: "bright intense lighting, fat women love a lot of light." I put it on the balcony, two weeks have passed, and today I found spoiled leaves, this is not from overdrying, for sure - there are spots on them with a reddish tint and in a small dot like semolina, spots from the street side, in the middle of the leaf. Could it be from direct sun-type burns?

NataV: These are sunburns, I moved mine to a slightly shaded place. I do not argue that the fat woman loves light and redness is reversible - if you remove it from the sun, the redness disappears. But ideally, the east window suits her.

fat woman
fat woman

Piper X: And I have it next to the west window, there is enough light, but not direct, it grows well. Remove it from the balcony or make curtains from tulle - that's it.

Vikusya: Generally, the money tree loves light, but from direct sunlight, if it turns red a lot. Especially on the west and south windows, it is better to shade from the curtain, i.e. put right next to the window, but not on the floor. It grows well on northern windows, but slower and the leaf is larger.

Question: And my fat woman lost a red border (when I bought it, it was). Before that, she was standing on the closet, apparently there was not enough sun for her. Now she stands on the windowsill, the sun periodically falls on her, and there are no edges on the new leaves either.

Helen: The red border usually appears only when the fat woman is standing in a very well-lit place or even sunny, but of course not with scorching rays. I don't have the sun on my balcony, nor does the red border.

Stivi: Most succulents in the sun blush around the edge, and sometimes completely - this is absolutely normal (and, in my opinion, it's even more beautiful and interesting). And in the store they are green - from a lack of lighting and then they do not immediately come to life.

How to water a money tree

Question: How to water a money tree (bastard) - often or not so much? They write that she is afraid of overflow, but I water mine abundantly and it grows!

Elizabeth: I water my tree no more than once a week, if it's very hot, then about 2 times a week, my tree is not small, and feels very great, with such watering, it constantly gives new shoots, new shoots, and just bush, it never hurt me with such watering. The main thing is not to fall in love, some think that caring for a dyed tree means watering as soon as it dries up, and as a result, decay! Watering is necessary when the soil is already very dry.

TanyaM: But my mother and I rarely water our fat trees! Both look great. Branched, strong. Real trees.

Although no, my tree is still small. But individual leaves reach the size of a hen's egg! At the same time, it does not forget to branch and even grows into several trunks, and I also recently noticed a sprout here.

Angelina: The fat woman should be allowed to stand in a dry pot for 2 days after the soil in the pot has dried.

Lusi: The fat woman tolerates drought more easily than overflow.

Aerial roots of the money tree

aerial roots of the money tree
aerial roots of the money tree

Question: Why does my fat woman have so many aerial roots?

Natali: The money tree reacts in this way to increased soil moisture. When there is sufficient drainage, or the pot is small, the roots do not rot, but the constant evaporation of moisture from the soil (i.e., increased air humidity under the leaves) stimulates the formation of aerial roots. Be careful with watering! If the earth dries well, then the formation of aerial roots in the money tree occurs from an increase in humidity for other reasons - for example, when windows sweat, the season of frequent rains in summer, etc. the reasons.

Money tree pot

Question: Does the money tree like big pots or small ones?

Natali: The money tree (bastard) has a very small root system, it is loose, fibrous, easily rotted and injured. A healthy root ball in a bastard is much smaller than the aerial part, so a normal pot is small in comparison with other house flowers.

But since the fat woman is not without reason called a tree - the massiveness of the trunks creates a constant threat of overturning, the best planting option is to choose a small pot and a larger planter. Plant crassula in a small pot, and place it in a stable pots (possibly clay or weighted with river stones).

fat woman
fat woman

Freya: The fat woman needs a large pot only because she is very heavy, and as she grows up, she begins to alter the pot, threatening to just roll over! I transplanted one of my own in the fall for this very reason! But in a large pot you need to make a large drainage, at least 5 cm high, and not from expanded clay, but from weighty river stones. Then there will be no gulf and the pot will not turn over.

Soil for money tree

Question: In what soil should the money tree be planted?

Mila: To the usual land for cacti or succulents. A lot of baking powder (small stones or large vermiculite), add coals. And do not overmoisten, of course, after transplantation. I sometimes add very fine expanded clay (by the way, it is present in the ready-made mixture for cacti). You can put a red brick broken with a hammer (only not silicate, but red). By the way, in the absence of perlite, I added polystyrene balls to the mixture for succulents (you take a couple of pieces from a container from some kind of equipment, rub them together, and they crumble into small balls). It turns out very well.

irina-bahus: I plant in the land Auriki's Gardens - not bad land, but expensive.

Natali: soil for money tree (bastard) should be low in humus, porous, quickly drying, slightly acidic. I take for a young tree:

  • 2 parts of leafy land (in the park from under birches and lindens), to which I add
  • 1 part zeolite granules (Barsik Standard cat litter - washed in a sieve),
  • add 1/2 part of clay (dry and break with a hammer into crumbs 5 mm thick)
  • 1/2 part coconut substrate

I mix everything in a basin and plant a money tree. I water it only two days after the transplant. I never advise replanting in the heat, only at moderate temperatures (20-24C).

If the tree is large, with thick trunks, an adult is older than 5 years, then I replace 1 part of the leafy soil with sod (I take it from molehills in the meadow and sift it from roots and debris).

How to revive and care for the money tree

fat woman
fat woman

Question: My money tree was beautiful, but now I hung all its branches and became like a suitcase - it turned out, and what I can't do with it?

Buttercup: Most likely, flooded - this is a typical problem, you need to examine the roots. And taking care of the money tree is very simple: once a year, transplant and water only when the earth is completely dry. It is not even necessary to feed, you do not need to spray, periodically pinch the branches, those that seem too long to you.

Oksana: If the roots are rotten, then you can still cut and re-root live branches.

Colleague: I should have immediately stopped watering and treated with a fungicide. Now it's better to cut off the top and root.

Natali: Take it out of the pot, if the soil is damp, leave it without a pot and dry it properly, the soil and roots. If the earth falls off, then dust the roots with coal powder, plant in fresh, dry soil. At first, do not water, but only spray the leaves 2 times a day. It is really easy to take care of the money tree (bastard) - the morning or evening sun is enough (do not put it far from the window), it is better to use the sill of the east or north-west window, water it when the ground is completely dry! To transplant once a year by transshipment, without tearing the roots, I never feed mine, it grows beautifully. Oh, yes, once a quarter I rinse under a warm shower from dust.

Stivi: Girls on the forum advise drying the flooded earth with a hairdryer, but blowing exclusively on an earthen ball, cover the trunk and leaves so as not to overheat. Here, however, one must be able to dry it so as not to dry out the roots into dust. Therefore, the safest way is to dry the measles with paper napkins or toilet paper.

Rest period for the money tree

Question: Does the fat woman need a cold rest period. Can I put it on the balcony?

Mila: The minimum temperature at which the fat woman feels good is + 10 C. Based on this and decide, first measure the night temperature on your balcony. If the difference is plus or minus 2 degrees, then it is quite possible. But you still have to follow - the weather is still very unstable.

Oksana: She loves a dormant period in the cold, diseased plants come to life, but without watering, naturally, if exposed to the cold. And in spring and summer it grows gorgeous in the open air. Only from direct rays should be covered.

Mashulya: About the cold - that's for sure! Mine just got prettier, however, if it can be called cold, 14-15 degrees was on the balcony, where I put it.

Lusi: Mine hibernates in a room, on the southern window, I water it, but only after the soil is completely dry in a pot (approximately it turns out once a month).

How to form a money tree

fat woman
fat woman

Question: I'd like to know how to properly form a money tree. Now the bush is 15 cm high.

Elizaveta: For example, I don’t form it at all - it grows like that towards the light, so I periodically twist it so that it evenly shoots.

irina-bahus: I actually tried to form my money tree. True, his leaves are not wooden or "green", but the shape of a coin of a country unknown to me. It is pinched when a couple of leaves have just appeared. I had to pinch it 4 times until the tree figured out what I wanted from it. That is, if you want it to branch out, you need to pinch a little earlier than the required level.

Bug: If you want branching now, then pinch off the top, if it doesn't help, then after a while - again. Moreover, spring is in the yard - it will now trample both in breadth and upward.

Fraoola: I shaped mine exactly like a tree. She left three beautiful skeletal branches, extra shoots and plucked out large lower leaves. Then I do the same so that the crown does not thicken. It grows in my small bowl, almost like a bonsai.

Anyuta: If you want one stem, and the top is splendid, Then you have to pinch every third pair of leaves from infancy. Pinching is the removal of a growth point on the stem; pinch the tip of the stem with your fingers or cut off with scissors.

Money tree throws off leaves

Question: I have two fat women standing side by side, I water it the same way, one feels great, and this one has recently started throwing leaves.

Olga: And if I throw off a leaf, then a new one sprouts.

Sveta: My krasula is already five years old, she took a five-centimeter shoot with two pairs of leaves. Now she has grown 70 cm in height, the crown is about 60 by 60 cm, the trunk is 10 cm in diameter (I measured it with a ruler) we danced around her, and then calmed down, realized that this was normal. She started throwing yellow sheets even now, and that's okay.

irina-bahus: My fat woman this autumn also fell off with normal fat leaves, although it does not fall under its own weight. Now in place of the fallen leaves, side shoots grow.

Oksana: Sometimes it’s a signal that it’s time to replant, she doesn’t have enough space and land, maybe that’s why it fell.

Agava: A fat woman can be reliably ditched by overflow and stagnation of water in a pot. Check the potted soil.

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