Hoya Wax Ivy - Care And Growing Problems

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Hoya Wax Ivy - Care And Growing Problems
Hoya Wax Ivy - Care And Growing Problems
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Hoya - spots on leaves

Question: On the outside of the hoya leaves, light small specks of unknown origin appeared. It doesn't look like burnt ones, and neither does dry ones. What could it be? She feels kind of normal.

Irka: It's completely normal. Hoya always has small light green spots on the leaves - for this it is called "wax ivy". The young hoya does not have them, but with growing up they appear.

Hoya - care - in the section of the Encyclopedia of Houseplants.

Hoya - blooming liana - a story about the types of Hoya and the peculiarities of care from personal experience (by Devi).

How to root hoya

Question: Tell me, who knows, they presented a hoya stalk, put it in a jar of water. It's been standing for a month now, and there is silence … Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Lusi: February is not the right time for rooting. I also rooted hoya in water. One stalk, somewhere at this time, sat for a very long time, and the one that in the summer gave roots on the 5th day, I could not believe my eyes. Put in water with Kornevin.

irina-bahus: You need to root it in the spring or summer, if you root the hoya in the fall or winter, you need to add the root and put it in vermiculite, and not in water. If the hoya stalk is rooted in water, take only boiled water and change it after a day or two so that it does not bloom. Hoya root well only in warmth and good lighting.

Hoya does not bloom


Question: My fleshy hoya (carnose) has lived for three years, but has never bloomed on the northeast window (not shaded by anything). Tell me how to achieve flowering?

Veta: I was convinced that a cool wintering is essential for the flowering hoya. My bastard hasn't bloomed for 15 years! And this year, after wintering at + 10-14C, it was just all in flowers! By the way, the side is east. It is too dark on the north hoya for this species.

Freya: My hoya karnosa blooms without a cool wintering, even a hint of such - it stands in the same room with the maras, so there is no question of coolness, and even above the battery, but at the moment it is growing new peduncles on young lashes, and even earlier leaves! But it is the lighting that plays a key role - the best window is a bright east, southeast, northwest at least. It's dark in the north! You can hang a lamp next to it, you do not need to increase the daylight hours, but increase the light intensity.

Mila: There are many reasons why the hoya does not bloom, and accordingly a number of requirements are put forward for the hoya to bloom, many of which are controversial:

  • a lot of sun
  • cold wintering
  • age at least 2-3 years
  • the stalk must be from a flowering specimen, otherwise it may not bloom
  • cramped pot
  • blooms on shoots at least 30 cm long
  • phosphate fertilizers

And now, based on the experience of a long-time amateur hoi, I will refute some of these statements:

  1. a lot of sun is, of course, great. But it blooms in people both on the western and eastern windows. Moreover, there are examples when it bloomed in a dim school or hospital corridor, with one small window, etc.
  2. cold wintering is not a guarantee that it will bloom. Many have tried, but the result is zero (while others, like Freya, do not have any special wintering - and they bloom!)
  3. there are examples when it bloomed at the age of about a year!
  4. it happens that cuttings-brothers taken from one flowering specimen behave differently: one blooms, the other does not (and from non-flowering hoy, it happens that "children" bloom without problems)
  5. there is nothing to add here - the pot must be tight, period
  6. there are longer shoots, but it does not bloom - and that's it
  7. some bloom without any fertilizers (especially in hospitals, schools, etc.), without spraying, without rinsing in the shower and other good conditions. Likewise, many do not bloom even with fertilizers and shamanic dances around the plant.

TOTAL. We can say that in terms of flowering, Hoya Carnosa is the most capricious and unpredictable of all Hoya! Try to figure out the points, considering all the options.

Question: If you twine the shoots around bamboo sticks, will it not prevent the bloom?

Mila: You can wrap it around anything - it does not interfere with flowering. Only bamboo sticks tend to rot in the soil and then break. Hoya, if it grows well, will quickly become heavy on bamboo sticks. Maybe you should immediately choose something stronger?

How to water a hoya


Question: I water the hoya regularly, with drying, but does not dry out. There is a cornice on the east window. Sun until 10-11 am. I stopped liking the lower leaves. The color has faded and the steel is different to the touch. Gradually, the number of light leaves increases. They fall off. The leaves do not turn yellow, but brighten and become lethargic, not elastic-waxy.

Tamarix: If the yellowing of the leaves progresses, then the root is the cause. Wait for the clod to dry, then tap the pot on all sides on the edge of the table. Turn the plant upside down, holding it at the base, and pull the pot up. It should come off effortlessly.

jonny: I think the wrong watering regime always causes leaf lethargy and rot. Hoya needs to be thoroughly dried between waterings. Excessive lighting may be the cause of the leaves becoming lighter.

Mila: I also tend to think that the lethargy of the leaves is from overflow. You write that you are drying, but it does not dry out for you, and for carnose it is not good. The earth ball should dry well.

Veta: It is rarely necessary to water - this is when I realized that it was already completely dry.

Natali: Carnosa hoya needs to be watered again when it has been completely dry for several days. Even in the heat, it needs to be watered after the soil has completely dried out. But other types of hoyi are less tolerant of overdrying: hoyu bella, hoyu vaetti, matilda and others - we water it after drying the earth, when the soil is COMPLETELY dry, the next day, in hot weather (when it is above 25-26C) and after 2-3 days, when it's cool (22-23C).

Hoya wax ivy - can you keep at home

Question: Is it possible to keep hoya wax ivy at home?

Devi: Of course it is possible, there are myths that she supposedly expels men in the house, but believe me on the forum there are a lot of living examples, real people, collectors of all kinds of hoya, and no one had any health or personal problems. Hoya willingly blooms and pleases its owners, and in addition, it perfectly cleans the air from the secretions of household appliances and building materials.

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