Ficus - Care, Reproduction, Transplantation, Cultivation In Questions And Answers

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Ficus - Care, Reproduction, Transplantation, Cultivation In Questions And Answers
Ficus - Care, Reproduction, Transplantation, Cultivation In Questions And Answers
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Ficus turns yellow

ficus turns yellow
ficus turns yellow

Question: My ficus microcarpa started to turn yellow. How can I help him? I bought it about a month ago. Transplanted 3-4 days after purchase, completely changed the land. I bought a special package "Bonsai". I do not fill in unambiguously, rather I do not even top up. I haven't fertilized yet. Stands in the north, in the kitchen, one might say on the window.

Vitaly: Done right. After transplanting, the plant may lose several leaves and this is not scary, but here's one thing - do you have windows of a different orientation in your apartment, at least western or eastern? Move there. If there are no lighter windows, then it is necessary to organize the backlight of the cutting.

Ficus care - in the Encyclopedia section.

How to root a ficus

Question: How to root a ficus stalk from a dying plant?

agata: you need to dip a wet stalk in the root, it is sold in flower shops, after 10 minutes, dip the stalk in boiled or spring water at room temperature. The dishes should be opaque. Throw a charcoal tablet into the water. If the stalk starts to turn black at the bottom, urgently cut it to healthy tissue and sprinkle with root. But about covering, I would not advise, if the temperature is below 25 degrees, it can rot.

Severina: You washed off the milky juice from the cutting, and was it there? It was necessary to cut it before the appearance of milky juice, if it is not there, the plant is dead and neither root nor coal will help it.

Further, it was necessary to cut off the excess leaves and leave only one or two of the top ones, and even from those, cut off half of the leaves to reduce the evaporated moisture.

  • Kornevin is a powder, more suitable for dipping and planting in soil or landless mixture.
  • Heteroauxin - decomposes in the light, so dissolve, place the cutting there and put in a dark place for a day.
  • Kornerost, an analogue of heteroauxin. The order of application is the same as for heteroauxin.

You can use aloe juice, but everything is like for people, the leaf is not less than 3 years old, aging in the refrigerator. There is no time for this. You can get a ready-made extract from the pharmacy, but if it is not an oil solution.

Root under a bag or jar, but you need to remove it when it takes root, and then not immediately, but gradually accustoming it to the air of the room. Only ventilate until rooting. Do not cover at all if there are no leaves.

Ficus dies, what to do

ficus turns yellow
ficus turns yellow

Question: Please help me determine what is the cause of the illness of my rubbery ficus. I got ficus 3 months ago, no such spots were observed in the store. I am afraid to ruin the flower by replanting it a second time, and for the first time sellers in the store transplanted it from peat to me. The soil for ficus is very fat, saturated. Some flies appeared in it, they were already pickling the soil with phytoverm. We water it every 7-10 days, since the pot is large, and I have to wait for the whole earth to dry out after watering. And on the soil it is not mold, but crystals of some salt appeared.

tasia: if flies appear, this is a sign of overflow. They only appear in moist soil. Do not be afraid to loosen, the ficus has powerful roots, they will not suffer much. If not loosened, they can suffocate. Carefully remove the top layer of soil (white bloom) and add fresh soil. Now I would not advise you to transplant, wait until spring. And it is impossible to water according to the number of days, in summer the soil dries out quickly, in winter for a long time. I check my ficuses by weight: I lift the pot, if it's light, then the earth is dry, if it's heavy, it's not dry. It is better to underfill than overflow. Ficuses stand dry for 2-3 days, completely painless.

Natali: To avoid the formation of such a huge amount of salt, the water must be filtered. Of course, the earth must be loosened, otherwise it cakes, it does not allow air to pass through well, and most root rot develops in conditions of a lack of oxygen. In dense caked earth, root rot is more likely. It is necessary to water, not counting the days, and checking the soil with your finger - the soil should be dry to the full depth of the finger by the time of the next watering. All yellowed and stained sheets must be cut off. Add trichodermin, phytosporin to the water for irrigation, you can use the drug "maxim". This is necessary in order to restore the beneficial microflora of the soil and prevent the development of fungal and bacterial infections (companions of mushroom mosquitoes, due to waterlogging of the soil).

Ficus stains

spots on ficus
spots on ficus

Question: My ficus got such a spot. Ficus young, watering as it dries, daylight + artificial (as 1.5 meters from the window), t 23-24. Throughout all this, the leaves fell off. The antennae (a new leaf) began to turn brown, fall off.

tasia: The spots are most likely from waterlogging if you sprayed it with pests. Watering should not be done as it dries, but as it dries, i.e. so that the earth is completely dry.

Now loosen the soil and let it dry completely, then let it stand completely dry for two or three days. Only then can you water. Always like this.

If the pests were not treated, then it must be treated.

The fact that the top of his head was cut off is not scary. Will start new branches.

And do not twist it often, do not rearrange it from place to place.

If after a week or two it does not get better, look at the roots for decay. And if it gets worse, don't wait, get out and inspect the roots. Cut off rotten ones, treat with charcoal, re-plant and do not fill.

spots on ficus
spots on ficus

Question: New leaves on the ficus grow clean, then such spots appear. There is enough light, warm, dry enough, in any case, not humid in the room, I live for three years. I don't water it often.

july morning: Most likely the bay. I assume such options, choose:

  1. a draft blows on the pot / the windowsill was cold in winter - after watering the roots were overcooled;
  2. between waterings, the earth does not have time to completely dry out (I check the entire length of my finger, if I'm not sure);
  3. inside the root ball, the earth is heavy / compacted - everything is dry around the perimeter of the pot, but inside it is constantly damp;
  4. maybe you don't pour the water out of the pallet on time.

Do I need to spray the ficus

Question: Do I need to spray ficuses in winter?

agata: I don't spray mine at all, just when the batteries are very hot, I cover them with a damp blanket. Everyone is happy. For this, thanks to Vitaly, it was he who dispelled the myth that you need to constantly stand near the ficus with a spray bottle and turn the apartment into a swamp. And in order not to pour the pot, you need to take quite a bit more than the previous one and make good drainage.

Natali: Ficuses need to be sprayed only in one case, when the air humidity at home has dropped below 30%. Such low humidity occurs in bitter frosts in winter, when the radiators get very hot or in a small kitchen, where ventilation is rarely opened, but often they cook on the stove or in the oven. The kitchen is not a place for ficus! A large spacious dining room is fine, but not a kitchen. And in winter, during the heating season, you can spray the leaves twice a day. If the humidity is above 30%, the ficus does not need to be sprayed. You just need to periodically rinse it under the shower to wash off the dust.

Ficus leaves fall

ficus leaves fall
ficus leaves fall

Question: The leaves of a curly ficus (he is 1.5 years old) are falling, he was always standing at the window, he did not blow. I water and take care of it as always. At first I thought it was just winter, lack of light, but the fall takes on some catastrophic proportions.

Miss Violet: If green leaves fall, it may be due to lack of light, high temperature, low humidity and dry soil at the roots. If the leaves turn yellow and fall off, the cause may be waterlogging of the soil or lack of nutrition. And check for pests. Also, Benjamin's ficus can react to a rearrangement, and not immediately, but after a couple of months, even if all the conditions of detention are normal.

Growing ficus benjamin

Ficus transplant after purchase

Question: What to do, after I bought a ficus in a store, can I transplant?

Vitaly: You can now transfer it (transfer it, not transplant it) into normal soil. To do this, gently shake the plant out of the pot, lightly knock on the table with an earthen lump with roots. Throw away what is pouring; using your fingers to pick out the soil, spread the roots or rinse the root system in order to completely remove the soil is NOT NECESSARY! What remains after shaking off must be planted in a pot that will be wider than an earthen coma with roots by only 2 fingers. Don't forget to put in drainage. After transplanting, water the plant abundantly and place it in a sunny, draft-free place. Do the next watering only after the ground is dry on top. Complete drying in the first stages should be avoided so as not to dry out the young roots that form. But try not to flood the plant.A plant with a disturbed root system is not able to immediately absorb all the water.

Variegated ficus turned green

variegated ficus benjamin
variegated ficus benjamin

Question: Why are ficus leaves not variegated? Initially, they had white spots.

NeTa: Variegated plants initially have less chlorophyll and require more sunlight to get the required amount of nutrients. And with a lack of light, the plant, fighting for its life, begins to produce chlorophyll, where it was not originally, that is, in the uncolored parts of the leaf plates.

Miss Violet: The loss of variegation can be with a lack of light or if there is a lot of nitrogen in the soil. There are no other options.

tamaravn: Not only because of the light (although this is usually the main reason), but also because of fertilizers, for example. Fertilizers containing organic matter (biohumus) easily cause greening in variegated plants, especially if they are used constantly. If the conditions for leaving are normal, then the new leaves will be variegated.

Ficus Ali's leaves are falling

Question: In the fall, they presented a ficus ali, it was lush, it was not poured with water, it stood by the window, in the winter the leaves began to fall off, there were only above and below.

Ms. Violet: Ficus Ali is a deciduous ficus, so shedding leaves in winter is normal for him if the light decreases. New foliage will grow in the spring. He can also shed leaves during the first weeks from the date of purchase during the period of adaptation to new conditions. In general, any deciduous ficus can shed up to 30% of the leaves in winter, and this is considered normal. But if ideal conditions were created for him, there was good lighting, then the loss of leaves can be minimal.

Question: Is it really called deciduous? Or is this just a soothing explanation for the falling foliage?

Miss Violet: There are a lot of ficuses, in nature they can grow in different climates, among them there are deciduous and non-deciduous (they are called so). For example, the ficuses of Ali and Viandi are deciduous; it is considered normal for them to partially lose leaves in winter. Perhaps in the conditions where they grow in nature, they shed their foliage completely. But room conditions are still different from natural ones, at least in that the winter temperature in the apartment is higher. Therefore, following the call of nature, if they shed their leaves, then not completely, but partially. But if not a deciduous ficus suddenly begins to shed its leaves, then this indicates errors in care. There may also be loss of leaves in the first weeks after purchase due to changing conditions. Ficus Benjamin, for example,there is an insidious feature - if the plant has undergone at least a short-term cooling in winter (transferred unpacked from the store to the car, and then from the car to the apartment), then it can maintain its normal appearance for up to two months, and then begins to crumble, although it seems that all the conditions of detention complied with.

How to feed ficus

fertilizer for ficus
fertilizer for ficus

Question: What is the best way to feed ficuses?

Vitaly: You can use KEMIROY-LUX or organic liquid organic fertilizer BIODE based on fermented horse manure (pictured).

sweety: Fertilizer for ficuses Pocon NPK 8 + 3 + 6 (2 times a month) Composition: Nitrogen N (1.4% nitrates, 0.9% ammonia, 4.7% urea) - 7%, Phosphoric acid (P205) soluble in water - 3%, potassium oxide (K2O), soluble in water - 5%. Also contains magnesia (Mg), boron (Br), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), and zinc (Zn).

Regenerator for Pocon leaves (2 times a month) Composition: Bor (Br) 0.2%, copper (Cu) 0.5%, iron (Fe) 0.3%, manganese (Mn) 0.5%, molybdenum (Mo) 0.02%, zinc (Zn) 0.5%, cobalt (Co) 0.02%.

Question: Can you please tell me the temperature limit at which I can keep Benjamin on a glassed-in but unheated loggia?

Vitaly: In summer, you can keep it not only on the loggia, but in general outdoors (in the garden in the country, on an open terrace, etc.), but in winter it is NOT recommended to keep Ficus benjamin at temperatures below +15 C. The vast majority of ficuses are bad react to drafts, and even more so to cold drafts.

Why do ficus leaves curl

ficus leaves curl
ficus leaves curl

Question: Why do ficuses sometimes twist leaves?

Rainbow: My ficuses sometimes have leaves curled lengthwise. Associated with too much ventilation (draft or harsh fresh air). I opened the glass balcony door for ventilation. The explanation is a sharp drop in air humidity and temperature, from sudden fluctuations the plant does not have time to rebuild.

K.I.S.: The leaves of rubbery ficuses can curl from a draft. For example, my friend, a big fan of airing, had a ficus plant next to the balcony. So all the leaves became twisted. My ficus also has one. Became more attentive to him, no longer appear.

natalyf: In my case, the draft is completely excluded. I suspect it is because of the lack of sun in the summer. This leaf was just growing when it rained for 2 weeks in June. It seems that the temperature suits him, and the daylight hours are long, but there is no sun, so he twisted. In general, I have all the leaves of different sizes. And the more sun there was during growth, the larger the leaves.

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