Mushroom Gnats (sciarids) In Flowers, How To Get Rid Of Them Forever

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Mushroom Gnats (sciarids) In Flowers, How To Get Rid Of Them Forever
Mushroom Gnats (sciarids) In Flowers, How To Get Rid Of Them Forever
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The adults of the Sciaridae family of mushroom gnats are black flies with an elongated body about 3-4 mm long, which lay their whitish, translucent eggs in the roots of plants. Young, newly emerged mosquitoes can be about 1.5-2 mm light gray in color. The mosquitoes themselves, if they start, usually fly in large numbers, but do no harm, except for the diseases they carry and the larvae of other pests. And the larvae of the mushroom gnat - whitish worms about 3-5 mm long with a black head - eat the root system of plants, from which it withers, stagnates, does not bloom, often reaching complete death.

mushroom gnats
mushroom gnats
mushroom gnats
mushroom gnats

Reasons for the appearance of soil flies

Sciarids, like all flying insects, can enter a room through open vents, ventilation, and simply an open door. It is possible that you can bring home an infected plant from the store or bring in the larvae from purchased and not disinfected soil.

But the mushroom mosquito that does not always get into the apartment means the immediate multiplication of the colony. A waterlogged substrate promotes the reproduction of mushroom gnats, especially the soil, where the process of decay or decomposition of organic fertilizers is actively taking place. Therefore, first of all, mosquitoes lay eggs in pots with plants poured with tinctures of mullein, bird droppings. It has also been noticed that mushroom mosquitoes tend to appear when using water from an aquarium for irrigation, along with the waste products of fish.

What mushroom mosquitoes look like

First of all, if you notice a couple of annoying insects, usually small flies, you need to check all the pots. If at first sciarids appear in pots with a waterlogged substrate, then with intensive reproduction of these insects, moderately moist soil will also suit, and then, if they are hunted, they will agree to a rather dry one. So you need to check all the containers where there is land.

If you shake or lightly knock on a pot with a plant, and a flock of flies soar above the ground, then, most likely, there is just a clutch of eggs here. If you look closely, you can see that flies fly of different ages: light gray - still translucent and larger - already black. In such a pot, it is better to replace all the soil at once. Since it has already, most likely, been processed by worms and has a rotten state, and, in addition, it is necessary to check the condition of the plant roots.

If you take the plant out of the pot and scatter the soil into a tray, then whitish, translucent, black-headed larvae up to 5 mm long can be seen in moist soil. It is much easier to find the larvae if you water the soil in the affected pot with insecticide - they tend to crawl out to the surface and you can see them writhing.

Soil fly control measures

Mushroom gnats
Mushroom gnats

If a flock of mushroom gnats is found, then it is better to immediately take drastic measures. You need to fight Sciarids on two flanks - from the air and on the ground. If you poison only flying individuals, then new sciarids will be removed from the larvae in the soil every day.

To destroy the larvae, you need to use an insecticide solution. I would like to immediately warn you that the more powerful the drug is, the more effective the fight. For example, a phytoverm solution may be ineffective in some cases. Actellic (2 ml / l), decis or karbofos are best suited. Do not be afraid to harm the plant, almost all manufactured drugs for pest and disease control are not phytotoxic. If "nests" or clutches of mushroom mosquitoes were found in more than one pot and the flies fly, as they say, in flocks, then it is better to re-treat with an insecticide during the next watering.

Flying insects will also have to be fought, for this it is better to use the same means that are used to fight flies. These are aerosols, like the well-known dichlorvos and the like. Sometimes you can find a recommendation to use "Raptor" or "Fumitox" records in such a case, but they are usually not very effective. If many of us have repeatedly come across the fact that, including at night, say, "Raptor", some very annoying mosquito was still found in the morning, then what to say about sciarids - you cannot completely rely on these funds, even if change records quite often. Although you can try with these funds first, the main thing is to tightly close the aquarium, if any. If within an hour after turning on the anti-mosquitoplates (although they can be in liquid form) sciarids do not die, then you can take up dichlorvos.

If the mushroom mosquitoes are divorced in winter, then the plants (already watered with insecticide) are best taken to a separate room or to the staircase (so that the neighbors do not notice) and spray the soil in the pots with an aerosol on top. After two minutes, the plants can be brought in and left, for example, in the bathroom. The room where the plants were standing should also be sprayed with an aerosol and thoroughly ventilated after half an hour. Flowers can be brought in only when the room becomes warm. If sciarids appeared in your summer, then the easiest way is to take all the plants to the balcony (outside) and carry out all the treatments there.

In the fight against pests, all means are good, if only there is no harm to plants, so clap your hands and catch flying flies with a vacuum cleaner.

The treatment of the room and pots with plants with aerosols against flying insects, as well as watering the soil with insecticides, may have to be repeated, preferably until the pests are completely gone.

Sciaris prevention measures

Do not use food products or infusions from them for plant feeding. Such as meat or fish broths, sleeping tea, sugar water, milk, etc. In indoor plants, the physiology is not like in humans, while food products will decompose to components that are easily absorbed by plants, but simply rot, entire collections of pests can settle and multiply on plants and in the soil.

If you are going to feed the plants with organic matter, for example, a mullein, then it is better to do this without watering the infusion of cow cake, but adding it to the soil during transplantation. The most convenient option - in an empty pot, the walls are smeared with a semi-liquid cake to the middle of their height, then the plant is placed and the space between the roots and the walls of the pot is covered with earth. In this case, there is no smell of overheating manure.

If you have a lot of plants that are especially fond of moist soil, then it makes sense to switch to watering from the pallet to keep the top layer of the earth dry. But at the same time, it must be remembered that the water in the sump should be fresh, and not sour, with the appearance of swamp mud.

Timely control of emerging insects can be considered an important preventive measure. It is impossible to start the reproduction of sciarids to such an extent when they are already flying in flocks. Otherwise, you may not find a single plant that is not affected by the larvae, no matter how good the soil is in them.

The soil, purchased or prepared by oneself, in order to prevent any pests and diseases, must be disinfected (boiled with boiling water, roasted in the oven, spilled with insecticide, kept in the freezer, etc.).

Tips on how to deal with mushroom mosquitoes in flowers

Christiana: It is not the insects themselves that are dangerous to the plant, but their larvae! If there are a lot of them, then it is better to change the soil to fresh, loose one. And you can also pour a manganese solution several times, only very weak, so as not to burn the roots. As I heard, this is a very good remedy.

Weselova: Only Thunder-2 helped me.

Kasandra: POCIN always helps me, lightly sprinkle it on top of the earth, or when replanting, add it to the ground. Choose what you have in stock in stores.

Elena T: Bazudin did not help, the actor helped. I do not advise mixing both preparations, I have got mold. For flying insects, you can hang traps. But if you overdo it with watering, then they will appear again.

Lusi: Mushroom gnats and their larvae are not such a scary beast. Well, firstly, if you have a lot of these mosquitoes, then this is a clear sign that you are flooding your flowers, this is much worse than mosquitoes. Take a break from watering, dry the flowers well, so that the earth, somewhere in half the pot, dries out. Buy bazudin, dilute according to the instructions and water all the plants, it is imperative to water everything and abundantly so that the water leaks out and does not pour out of the pan, wait 15 minutes and drain the excess water from the pallets. And after two weeks, for prevention, dilute potassium permanganate (so that the water is a little pink) and water again.

irina-bahus: I water Inta-Vir, it always helped.

K.I.S.: They are very fond of wet soil - that's why it's hard to fight them. The larvae hatching from the eggs eat organic matter, and when there is little of it, they suck everything from the plant. I have them in a pot with hibiscus, when I had to shake out the pot, it was almost all white at a depth of 1 cm. I found the Bazudin remedy. You just need to pour (a little) small granules on the soil around the plant and water. There will be a nasty smell, after a while it passes, but will be repeated when watering. This will kill the larvae. And the midges themselves die over time. The main thing is that the young do not form, and this remedy seems to help. At least they don't fly with me anymore.

Lynx: I have declared war on these dirty tricks! She grabbed a basin, filled it with 5 liters of water and threw in the Inta-Vira tablet. Well, in general, there was no nasty smell of blue … and no sense either …. The next day, I found these white worms in a completely mobile state. Then the next day I bought two ampoules of actellik. Diluted in water. White as arsenic (Mom Mia, what a stench!). I took the flower (coleus) to the balcony and poured it with the liquid prepared in advance (actellic, ampoule per liter of water).

Orchid: I know that many people deny this, but personally I have been successfully fighting mushroom mosquitoes with the liquid Raptor. Rather, they have recently preferred not to start (the Raptor turns on every evening).

I use the odorless Raptor liquid fumigator. Simple (30 nights) and somehow enhanced (45 nights).

evridika: Tavric was advised to me in the store. You pour it on the ground in a dense layer, simultaneously destroys fungi and parasites, and fertilizer at the same time. It is also of different colors, looks like coconut flakes, only colored.

Masha: How I overcame mosquitoes - actellik + fly tape. Water the Aktellik - and spread the tape near the ground … it is important that it is better to put it directly on the ground of the pot … and not just next to it … Aktellik kills the larvae in the ground (only terribly smelly), and the adult tape catches - also with a bang. You can repeat the actellik in a week … I advise you not to remove the tape for a month.

Vic: Take a pack of inexpensive cigarettes, tear them apart and sprinkle tobacco on the ground so that the entire area of ​​the pot is covered. Let this tobacco sit until it dissolves on its own.

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