A Bouquet Of Roses - The Meaning Of Roses, How To Keep Roses

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A Bouquet Of Roses - The Meaning Of Roses, How To Keep Roses
A Bouquet Of Roses - The Meaning Of Roses, How To Keep Roses
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All about roses

Name: Rosa Rosa

Taxonomy: class dicotyledonous, order rosaceae, family pink, genus rose hips

Popular season: winter, spring, summer, autumn

What colors are: white, pink, red, orange, yellow and purple (almost purple)

Caring for cut roses: Roses love a humid environment, without water they start to fade instantly, so place them in water as soon as possible after cutting or purchasing. Before placing the roses in the water, cut off the lower leaves - at least 5 cm of the bottom of the cutting should be free.

For thousands of years, roses have been a source of inspiration for poets and artists, legends were made about them, they were attributed to divine origin. Many countries host annual Rose Festivals. The Tournament of Roses is held annually in Pasadena (California, USA). In Bulgaria, the rose is considered a messenger of happiness, and all over the world roses are presented to beloved women. Rose is the national symbol of the country in the USA, England and Iran.


Interesting facts about roses

  • essential rose oil at a price comparable to precious metals, because to get one kilogram of oil, you need to process three tons of petals, and white roses - five tons
  • there are so-called chameleon roses - flowers change color depending on the lighting and temperature in the room, for example, from white to red or from pink to purple
  • the largest rose bush noted in the Guinness Book belongs to the shrub roses Lady Banks Lady Banks, grows in the cemetery in Tombston (Arizona, USA), its trunk is more than 3.7 meters in girth.
  • The oldest rose bush (presumably a rose hip) grows in the city of Hildesheim (Germany), near the Cathedral of St. Mary, it is more than 1000 years old.
  • Historically recorded fact - the oldest rose fossil was found in Colorado, it is believed that it is more than 35 million years old.
  • Roses were considered the most sacred flowers in Ancient Egypt and were used as an offering to the goddess Isis.
  • Rose is not just a symbol of the United States, but the rose is the state flower of the states of Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota and the District of Columbia.
  • There is no natural color of blue and black roses. The darkest Black Baccarat rose is actually maroon.
  • The Netherlands is the leading country in the world for the export of roses (about 8000 hectares of land are occupied by the cultivation of roses). The second place - about 5000 hectares (this is 54% of all cultivated land) - in Ecuador. In third place is Zambia, a small country with 80% of its cultivated land area occupied by the cultivation of roses.

What do the colors of roses mean?

Everyone knows that the number of flowers in a bouquet will always be odd for a long time, such is the tradition (an even number is permissible only in memory of those who are no longer there). But the colors of roses also have a certain meaning. This is not an imposed opinion of florists, but the established traditions in many cities and countries, so to speak, an unspoken agreement, it is connected, first of all, with flower associations.

Red roses
Red roses

A red rose is an unconditional expression of love, in Russia the number of red roses can be any - one, three, five, according to the number of years of the beloved woman. And, for example, in the USA, 12 red roses mean a declaration of love. Red roses can also be used to show respect, admiration, or devotion. The deep red color of roses can mean heartfelt regret and sadness.

White roses: white is the color of purity, chastity and innocence. White flowers are usually associated with the beginning of a new relationship, just perfect to present to the bride. In addition to expressing the feelings of lovers, white roses can be used to express sympathy or humility. They are also a symbol of spirituality.

Yellow roses are a symbol of happiness, warmth, hospitality, they should not be used by lovers, because the true meaning of yellow roses is an expression of friendship and care. They do not carry a tinge of romance, they are worth giving when words are not enough to hint at an exclusively platonic relationship.

Pink roses have many shades, from very delicate, more appropriate for a gift to a young girl - they symbolize tenderness and innocence, to rich pink, which has a universal meaning - pink roses can be presented to a colleague, boss, good friend - they express deep gratitude and appreciation, and also emphasize elegance and grace. The variegated pink and white varieties of roses have the same meaning.

Orange roses of an intense bright color, especially with a red tint around the edges of the petals, resemble a fiery flame, signify interest, passion and energy. Orange roses can be gifted to showcase a hint of romance and a desire for dating.

Roses are lavender in color and all shades of lilac to almost purple are more often used to express admiration and adoration. It is customary to give them, like pink ones, not only to your beloved girl, but also to any woman who has a holiday, or who causes you a sense of respect.

Mixed-color roses in one bouquet can have different meanings. For example, when red and white roses are combined in one bouquet - it symbolizes love, adoration and purity of intentions, instability, but rather calm expectation. If the same bouquet contains orange and pink roses, your fan is impatient and hints that it's time to move the relationship into a closer relationship.

If one bouquet contains a variety of shades of roses, this almost hints at nothing. Oddly enough, such a bouquet only means that the person just wanted to present you with expensive flowers, without a secret meaning.

What roses are given to men

It is customary for men to give roses on their anniversary, usually for 50 years and beyond. It is customary for younger people to give roses and other flowers only if they belong to creative professions - actors, writers, singers and musicians.

In all cases, it is preferable to use roses of red shades, neutral burgundy or yellow. Pink, purple, white are inappropriate.

Roses as a gift to a man mean gratitude and respect. You can give roses to your beloved dad for any occasion and they can be of any color.

How to keep roses

Caring for cut flowers and keeping them fresh is a science. It starts with the selection of quality flowers in the store.


Choose roses that have dense flowers, even petals, no dried spots around the edges, and green elastic leaves.

It is very important for shopkeepers to sell roses (and other flowers) from earlier deliveries first, so if you don't ask, they will make a bouquet from those that went on sale many days ago. Try to choose for yourself.

  • Fresh roses have sepals (small green leaves under the petals) directed upwards.
  • For roses that have begun to fade, sellers cut off the drying out outer petals, the sepals stick out to the sides or down, and if you look closely, you can already see the voids in the place of the former petals. With such old roses, everything is in vain - no matter how you try, you can't keep them for more than 2-3 days.
  • Do not go to extremes when buying roses in buds, they will never fully open, although they can stand longer.

If you bought fresh roses, then the first thing to do is to put them in water faster in order to prevent wilting, as the air rapidly moves along the water-conducting tissues and clogs the cells.

Therefore, if the flowers have spent some time without water, it is imperative to cut off the lower part of the stem as soon as there is an opportunity to put them in a vase.


The new cut must be done under water to prevent air from entering the stem. At the same time, if the lower leaves have not yet been removed from the roses, you need to clear the stem from below by 1/3 or 1/2 of the height from the leaves. At home, this is best done by dropping flowers in a bucket of water.

Important: the cut of the stem of roses should be done not with scissors, but with a very sharp knife - the scissors are too coarse, when cutting, they squeeze the capillaries, the cut only at first glance seems even, in fact, the nutrition of the petiole is disturbed. In addition, the cut should not run across the cutting, but obliquely.

In the future, the following techniques will help to keep the flowers in the bouquet:

  • Commercial cut flower preservatives are added to the water directly into the vase. Such products are quite affordable, sold in flower shops. They are a complex mixture of sucrose (sugar), acidifying agent - inhibitor of microorganisms and respiratory inhibitor. At home, it can be citric or acetic acid. Add 1 tbsp to 1 liter of water. a spoonful of sugar and 1 teaspoon of 9% vinegar.
  • Set the cut flowers in a cool place for an hour or two. This helps reduce moisture evaporation from the plants.
  • Keep cut flowers away from cold drafts (if ventilated) or hot air from radiators or any heat source.
  • Never store cut flowers next to fruit. Apples release ethylene gas, a hormone that causes aging or aging of cut flowers.
roses in a bouquet
roses in a bouquet

If you want to preserve roses for a very long time, you have two options - to dry the rose from the bouquet by hanging it upside down in a dark, dry place, or to root the cutting in water and grow it as a houseplant or in the garden.

What flowers are combined with roses in a bouquet

If you can, it is better to buy a bouquet consisting only of roses and greenery. Green leaves will suit you:

  • phoenix robelini
  • ruscus
  • fern

Roses are not particularly fond of neighborhoods in a bouquet, with any other flowers. Florists often include chrysanthemums in their bouquets, but if you are worried about how long such a composition will last in a vase, then never combine chrysanthemums with roses - asters quickly spoil the water, and roses generally do not like the neighborhood of Compositae (daisies, dahlias, ragweed, cosmea) … Do not put in one vase and, accordingly, in one bouquet for roses delphinium, poppies, lilies of the valley, daffodils, carnations, tulips.

This does not mean that all these flowers are incompatible in the bouquet, they may well make up a chic floristic composition, but for such events when a short-term decoration of the hall is required, i.e. exactly at the time of the wedding ceremony, banquet, decoration of the anniversary hall, presentations and other similar holidays.

bouquet of roses
bouquet of roses

Roses stand well and are combined in one vase and bouquet along with such flowers:

  • waxflower
  • anthurium
  • alstroemeria
  • calla lilies
  • gypsophila
  • hydrangeas
  • lilies
  • lavender
  • lilac
  • hypericum (St. John's wort)
  • aucuba
  • asparagus
  • rosemary
  • eucalyptus

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