Previkur Energy - Instructions, Application, Reviews

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Previkur Energy - Instructions, Application, Reviews
Previkur Energy - Instructions, Application, Reviews
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Previkur Energy is a systemic two-component fungicide used to control phytopathogens in soil, and to treat root and leaf diseases of plants caused by oomycetes. It is used for watering or spraying.

Oomycetes are a group of filamentous organisms, which were previously classified as fungi, among them pathogens of very serious plant diseases, such as Phytophthora Phytophthora infestans, Peronosporosis (Pseudoperonospora sparsa), etc.

Oomycetes do not belong to the kingdom of fungi (Fungi), they are in the kingdom of Protista and it is correct to call them mushroom-like organisms. Therefore, strictly speaking, drugs aimed at combating oomycetes are not fungicides. But all official publications regulating the use of pesticides have not yet found a new name for this group of chemicals or biologicals, and adhere to the old terminology. Therefore, also continues to use the term "fungicide", although this is not entirely true.

Previkur Energy is available as a water-soluble concentrate. Active ingredient: 530 g / l propamocarb and 310 g / l fosethyl in the form of propamocarbphosethylate. Manufacturer: Bayer CropScience AG, Germany. Chemical class: Carbamates and organophosphorus compounds (FOS). Impact speed, waiting time - 24 hours. Produced for agricultural in 1 liter canisters, for personal households in 60 ml bottles.

Analogue: "Consento, KS" from the same manufacturer.

Mechanism of action: active substances quickly penetrate through the root system (or leaves when spraying) and move through the vessels in the acropetal direction, partially accumulate in the leaves. By blocking lipid synthesis, the formation of cell membranes of the pathogen is interrupted. The growth of mycelium is suppressed, the spores of many soil fungi (and mycelial organisms) are destroyed. In addition, the drug has an indirect stimulating effect on the immune system of the plant: it leads to changes in their metabolism, which prevents infection with bacterial and fungal diseases, and stimulates the growth processes of the root system.

Previkur Energy - application

Previkur Energy is used for watering and spraying fruit and berry crops, garden and indoor flowers. A highly specific drug that works against diseases:

Previcourt Energy
Previcourt Energy
  • root and root rot
  • peronosporosis (downy mildew)
  • late blight

Previkur Energy instruction

The period of protective action of the fungicide is 7-14 days. The drug does not cause resistance. Do not exceed the recommended consumption rates and number of treatments.

Consumption rates

Protection against root and root rot, late blight

To prepare the working solution, dilute 3 ml of Previkur Energy in 2 l of water, or 15 ml in 10 l of water. Working fluid consumption - 2 liters per 1 sq. m of soil.

1. To protect vegetables: tomatoes and cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, watermelons, processing is necessary:

  • immediately after sowing seeds
  • watering seedlings at the root 14 days after sowing seeds
  • watering at the root 2-3 days after planting the seedlings in a permanent place
  • during the growing season up to 5 treatments with an interval of 14 days

2. To protect potatoes from late blight:

5 ml Previkur Energy per 1 liter of water, or 25 ml per 5 liters of water, spraying every 10-14 days

3. To protect indoor plants and flowers:

  • as a prophylaxis or treatment for the first symptoms of the disease, dilute 3 ml of the drug in 2 liters of water (measure with a syringe) and carefully pour over the soil.
  • if root decay is detected during transplanting, remove the damaged roots and spill the soil after transplanting into fresh soil, further limit watering until the plant is completely healed

If the plants are planted in an alkaline substrate or alkaline fertilizers (for example, calcium nitrate, ash, etc.) were applied during planting, acidification of the soil is required to prevent hydrolysis of the active substance.

Protection against downy mildew (downy mildew)

To prepare the working solution, dilute 5 ml of Previkur Energy in 1 l of water, or 25 ml in 5 l of water. Spray the leaves with the prepared solution, evenly wetting the entire surface of the tops. Re-processing in 10-14 days. Watering the soil (at the rate of 3 ml per 2 liters of water) is also effective against peronosporosis.

Previkur Energy - reviews

Undoubtedly, this drug is a breakthrough in the treatment of indoor and garden plants and crops, especially when used for its intended purpose (destruction of a specific pathogen). Naturally, it is advertised from the heart: the mere mention of the absence of resistance is worth a lot! Previkur Energy is very quickly absorbed by the plant, therefore, the protective effect occurs in a maximum of a day (spread through the tissues of the plant), and in the place of contact after 30 minutes. Therefore, it is not scary that it will be washed off by rain, and there is no need to add adhesives (soap). Why is it important - the cost of a small bottle - about 350 rubles (2016) - is essential for an ordinary gardener.

If your garden center does not have this fungicide in small packaging, then you can buy Previkur Energy in a canister with a capacity of 1 liter (price from 3700 rubles), a collective purchase - to unite with other gardeners-florists (it will be cheaper).

Should we expect a miracle from Previkur? A positive effect of the drug on the growth of seedlings (resistance to rot and good kornerostovy process) has been noticed. However, this is well manifested on a small volume of soil (in pots, containers, boxes), when watering in the open field due to the natural filtration of the solution in the soil, the concentration decreases and a pronounced effect may not occur.

I would like the Previcur to playfully cope with late blight on potatoes. But unfortunately, it only helps with mild infection, and not when the disease has already cleared up. But the most unpleasant thing is that some varieties of tomatoes or potatoes can be sensitive to Previkur - you can burn the leaves and lose your crop! Therefore, before you start spraying, spray somewhere on one bush, wait 1-2 days, and only if no spots (light, yellowish) appear, treat all bushes or seedlings.

  • Never spray on a sunny day, preferably after 6 pm or early in the morning.
  • Never exceed dosages, any plants, including indoor plants, may be sensitive to previsure.

If you have a completely unknown infection on your plants, then it is worth applying the treatment of a mixture of drugs, for example: 1 ml Falcon and 1.5 ml Previcur Energy per 1 liter of water + adhesive (with a neutral reaction, for example, shampoo pH 5.5).


This fungicide is not compatible with fertilizers. With traditional treatments, the effect is increased when mixed with contact fungicides.

Attention: the need to adjust the pH in the preparation of tank mixtures, in order to avoid the destruction of the active substance (hydrolysis occurs already in a weakly alkaline medium). Therefore, when diluting the solution, an acidifier is MANDATORY!

Previkur's solution is corrosive to metals, with the exception of stainless steel. Therefore, dilute the working solution in a plastic container.


Previkur Energy has a hazard class 3 for humans (moderately toxic). 3 class of danger for bees. Not phytotoxic. It is forbidden to use in the sanitary zone of fishery reservoirs! At a concentration of no more than 0.2%, the drug is relatively safe for the predatory mite typhlodromus, which regulates the number of spider mites.

Security measures

Carry out the treatment using traditional protection: gloves and a respirator, do not forget that any pesticide cannot be completely safe. The active ingredient Pervikur can cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. There is no specific antidote for ingestion; in case of accidental ingestion, rinse the stomach and seek medical help.

Store the drug in a dry place, optimally from 0 to + 25 ° C, separate from food products and medicines, out of the reach of children and pets. Shelf life is 2 years.

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