Dypsis Dypsis

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Dypsis Dypsis
Dypsis Dypsis
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Arec family (palms). Homeland of Madagascar, Antilles, Jamaica, Comoros.

This palm tree is distinguished by its special bushiness - vai branch abundantly at the base and the plant looks like a very spectacular bush. The genus has about 70 species. Dipsis yellowish Dypsis lutescens gained distribution as a houseplant. Its stems are smooth, green in color, grow up to 12 m in height in nature, and in apartments it can reach the ceiling. The leaves are pinnate, on average 1-2 m long in adult palms. The petioles are densely covered with black scales. Synonym: Chrysalidocarpus yellowish Chrysalidocarpus lutescens.

By the way, it is known that Dipsis perfectly cleans the air from chemical impurities such as xylene and toluene.

Dipsis - care and cultivation

Growing at a temperature of about 20-24 ° C, like all palms, Dipsis does not tolerate heat in a closed room. He needs a lot of fresh air, regularly ventilate the room, put a pot with a palm tree on the balcony for the summer. In winter, a cooler content is required at 16-18 ° C, at least 12 ° C.

Lighting: Dipsis prefers a bright place, shading from the sun's rays in the afternoon, but the sun's rays in the morning or after 4 pm are very beneficial for him. You should not place this palm tree in a shaded place, more than 50 cm from the window, you probably already need to supplement it on cloudy days and in the autumn-winter period.

Watering: should be uniform, without overdrying or waterlogging. Plentiful in spring and summer, but after the soil dries up in the upper third of the pot. In winter, moderate, wait with watering after drying for a few more days.

Top dressing: carried out from March to September after 2 weeks, with a special fertilizer for palm trees or any liquid fertilizer for decorative foliage plants.

Air humidity: the palm tree is very fond of spraying, and small plants can be taken to the shower, once a month, to wash off the dust and carry out a hot shower (45 degrees) to prevent ticks.

Transplant: Dipsis (chrysalidocarpus) is transplanted annually or two years later. Soil - 2 parts of light turf, 2 parts of humus-leaf, 1 part of sand and a little charcoal. It's a good idea to add small (1-3 mm) expanded clay or vermiculite to the soil, about 2 handfuls per bucket of earth.

Reproduction: by seeds, no problem. Seeds sprout in 30-40 days, it is advisable to use a room greenhouse and soil heating for germinating seeds. Young seedlings are kept at a temperature of 18-22 ° C, periodically airing.

For more information on cultivating and growing palm trees see Palms

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