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Ruellia Ruellia
Ruellia Ruellia
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Family of acanthus. Homeland tropical and subtropical regions of America. More than 160 species of ruelia grow in nature, many of them do not have official status (scientists doubt whether they can be attributed to a separate species, or they are clones of already existing species). It is a fast growing houseplant that can be grown in hanging baskets or planters.


Ruella Carolina


Ruella Devaux


Ruella Portella

  • Ruellia Devo Ruellia devosiana is a herbaceous perennial plant about 40 cm tall. Stem with grayish pubescence, leaves up to 7 cm long, elliptical, velvety, dark green on the upper side, light along the veins, purple underside. Flowers up to 2 cm in diameter, solitary, axillary. Corolla bend is pale lilac or white.
  • Ruellia Portellae Ruellia portellae is a herbaceous perennial plant about 50-60 cm tall. Stem with grayish pubescence, leaves up to 8 cm long, oblong, velvety, dark green on the upper side, light along the veins, purple underside. Flowers up to 2.5 cm in diameter, solitary, axillary. Corolla bend is bright pink.
  • Ruellia carolina Ruellia caroliniensis is a herbaceous perennial plant with semi-ample stems up to 50 cm long. Stems and leaves are covered with dense pubescence. The leaves are simple, green, with pronounced venation. The flowers are bell-shaped, lilac, 2-2.5 cm in diameter.
  • Ruellia tuberous Ruellia tuberosa is a small biennial plant with a thick, fusiform rhizome. Forms bright, funnel-shaped, violet-colored flowers. In nature it grows like a weed, is often used in folk medicine as a diuretic, antidiabetic, antipyretic, analgesic, antihypertensive, gastroprotective agent.

Ruellia - care and cultivation

Temperature: In summer, it is optimal about 22-24 ° C. Ruella does not like higher temperatures, the leaves dry out, and the stems are bare from below, one might say that the plant burns out from the heat, although it can bloom. In winter, the optimum is 18-20 ° C, the minimum is 14 ° C. Protect the plant from the heat of the batteries.

Lighting: Ruella is light-requiring, but in spring and summer it requires shading from the midday sun. In spring and summer it grows best on the eastern windowsill. In order for flowering to last longer, additional lighting is arranged in the fall so that the daylight hours are at least eight to nine hours.

Watering: Abundant in summer, the soil should always be slightly damp inside the pot, but dry out from above. In winter, watering is very moderate, but since the plants are kept warm, the soil should not dry out completely.

Fertilization: From April to August, ruella is fed with liquid fertilizer for indoor ornamental flowering plants every two weeks. Do not overdo it with organic fertilizers - this will reduce flowering productivity.

Air humidity: ruelia needs high air humidity, if the humidity is below 40%, the pot should be placed on a pallet with wet gravel. If in summer the temperature stays above 25 ° C for a long time, there is no rain - this is also a reason to increase the humidity, for example, using a humidifier. Remember that dry air cannot be replaced by more frequent watering, otherwise the roots of the ruelia will begin to rot.

Transfer: In the spring, ruella is transplanted into loose, light soil, consisting of 1 part of sod land, 1 part of leaf, 1/2 part of peat, 1/2 of fine gravel. You can take a universal soil, for example, Terra Vita, add a handful of vermiculite or perlite (for 1 pot) to it, add liquid or loose vermicompost to it.

Reproduction: Cuttings and seeds. Cuttings root easily in water in spring or summer. The seeds are sown in wide bowls in a mixture of sand and peat, moistened with a spray bottle and placed in a greenhouse (remembering to ventilate), the temperature is about 20-25 ° C. When the seedlings grow up, they are planted in 5-7 pieces in one pot. This allows you to get more lush and decorative bushes.

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