Soleirolia Soleirolia

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Soleirolia Soleirolia
Soleirolia Soleirolia
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The nettle family. Homeland - the rainforests of the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. The genus is named after the captain of Soleirol, who discovered this plant. Many people often confuse saltworm with nerta, however, the latter grows more slowly and is covered with red berries in autumn.

Soleirolia Soleirolia soleirolii is the only species of this genus that is a creeping groundcover. Growing up, saltilia covers the entire surface of the earth with its greenery and hangs from the pot with a green carpet. The leaves are round and very small, about 0.5 cm in diameter. It blooms with small, solitary and inconspicuous flowers

Solleyrolia care

Temperature: Moderate in the warm season, preferably no higher than 24 ° C, in nature it grows in lowlands, the coolest places in the forest on mossy tree trunks, adjacent to ferns. In winter, it is too hot in a heated room so that the plant does not suffer from dryness, it needs a temperature not higher than 15 ° C. But you can save salt at home in winter by placing it in a terrarium, where high air humidity remains.

Lighting: Soleirolia prefers a well-lit place, protected in spring and summer from direct sun, light partial shade. Grows well on northern windows. In an area that is too shaded, the plant will grow slowly. Good lighting is needed in winter; supplementary lighting is usually required in the terrarium.

Watering: Abundant in spring and summer, after the topsoil has dried. In winter, depending on the temperature, if cool - very mild. Use only soft water for irrigation, free of chlorine and impurities of iron and fluorine (preferably rain or thawed).

Fertilizer: If saline is transplanted annually, then it does not need to be fertilized. You can feed it from March to September, every 2 weeks with a complex fertilizer for deciduous plants.

Air humidity: Soleirolia requires high air humidity - about 70-80% constantly. It is sprayed several times a day with warm soft water if the temperature is above 20 ° C. If the temperature is below 20 ° C, then you can spray less often - after 2-3 days. Spraying is not required if the plant lives in a tabletop greenhouse or terrarium.

Transfer: Annually into fresh, very porous, well-drained soil. The pots are wide and shallow, rather bowls or containers. The approximate composition of the soil: 1 part of leafy soil and 1 part of sand. Or universal peat soil - 1 part, to it 1 part of pine bark or needles and 1 part of fine gravel. When planting in an aquarium or terrarium without a pot, fill the bottom with drainage at least 5 cm high.

Reproduction: Soleirolia multiplies by dividing a part of the bush with roots or cuttings, which are easily rooted in a mini-greenhouse on wet vermiculite.

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