Brunfelsia Brunfelsia

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Brunfelsia Brunfelsia
Brunfelsia Brunfelsia
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Brunfelsia small-flowered
Brunfelsia small-flowered

The nightshade family. Homeland South America. In nature, there are about 30 species.

Brunfelsia small-flowered Brunfelsia pauciflora is an evergreen shrub, up to 1.5 m in height, in nature it is a tree up to 3 m in height. The leaves are alternately arranged, sitting on short petioles, oval in shape, pointed at the end, up to 10 cm long. The flowers are small, fragrant, gradually changing color from white to lilac, collected in semi-umbellate inflorescences. The corolla of a five-lobed flower is about 6 cm in diameter. Fruits are rounded reddish berries. This species is endemic to Brazil (unique to a specific geographic area).

Brunfelsia - care and cultivation

Temperature: Brunfelsia is a plant for cool rooms, it is ideal for a winter garden, a heated balcony, a spacious light office, where the temperature is moderate, preferably not higher than 22 ° C. In winter, the dormant period with cold content is approximately 12-14 ° C, at least 10 ° C.

Lighting: Brunfelsia is photophilous, grows well in bright diffused light, shading from the direct midday sun is required in spring and summer, but the sun is welcome in the morning or evening. In caring for this flowering tree, it is important to provide enough light, especially in autumn and winter - the plants can be supplemented with fluorescent lamps (or LED).

Watering: During the growth period, the land is abundant with drying of the upper part of the soil. Rare watering in winter when the temperature drops, with almost complete drying of the soil. Water for irrigation is used only soft (settled) and 2-3 ° C above the air temperature. Brunfelsia does not tolerate waterlogging of the soil, but the leathery leaves allow it to tolerate some overdrying.

In Brazil, Brunfelsia has a popular name, quite interesting: "yesterday-today-tomorrow" or "morning-noon-night". This is due to the very rich flowering - the bush is literally covered with flowers, all shades of lilac and purple, often even leaves are not visible behind the petals.

One gardener, looking at the flowering brunfelsia bushes, said the phrase that became the motto of this plant: “Don't think about yesterday - it will make you cry. Don't think about tomorrow - it will make you anxious. Live and think about today - it will make you laugh!"

Fertilizer: From May to September, Brunfelsia is fed with fertilizers for flowering potassium-rich indoor plants - the plant does not tolerate alkaline fertilizers! Top dressing should be carried out every two weeks, after transplanting, do not fertilize for a month.

Air humidity: Brunfelsia needs high air humidity, so the plant is regularly sprayed, avoiding water getting on the flowers. But it is best to put the pot on a pallet with wet pebbles or expanded clay.

Transfer: Annually in March, or if necessary, if the topsoil is salted, it must be removed and replaced with a fresh one. Soil - 2 parts of turf, 2 parts of peat (or leaf), 1 part of humus soil and 1 part of sand and 1 part of pine bark or needles. Good drainage is a must, especially in plastic pots.

Reproduction: Stem cuttings in March - April, as well as seeds. It is advisable to take cuttings at the beginning of growth, when young shoots grow about 10 cm in length. Root in water or wet vermiculite.

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