Plumeria Plumeria

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Plumeria Plumeria
Plumeria Plumeria
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Kutrov family. Homeland - tropics and subtropics of Central and South America. Plumenia is an ornamental flowering greenhouse plant, rather large in size - in nature it reaches 5-8 m in height, at home about 2 m.

Plumeria red Plumeria rubra is an evergreen shrub with thick succulent shoots. Leaves on long stalks, elongated-oblong, pointed at the end, grouped at the ends of the shoots. Leaves are leathery with well-defined veins. Flowers are formed only on young branches, therefore, the plant can only be cut off when flowering ends. Flowers are collected in corymbose inflorescences of 15-20 pieces. The corolla of the flower is five-petal, about 5 cm in diameter.

Plumeria care


In summer, within 20-25 ° С, in winter, the content is optimal at 16-18 ° С, at least 14 ° С.


Plumeria is photophilous, after winter, they gradually accustom to the sun, but in the summer you need full solar lighting.


Abundant in summer, the earth should not dry out, but it should not stagnate at the bottom of the pot. From autumn to early spring, watering is much more moderate (depending on temperature), but does not stop, even if the plant sheds leaves.

Air humidity

Plumeria loves humid air, so plumeria is periodically sprayed, but so that water does not fall on the flowers.


Transplanted annually in spring in March-April. The soil should be nutritious: 2 parts of clay-sod land, 1 part of leafy land, 1 part of humus and 1 part of sand. Good drainage is a must.


Cuttings cut in the spring. Rinse the cuttings from milky juice, sprinkle with phytohormone and root in the soil from 1 part leaf, 1 part sand, in a room greenhouse with soil heating.

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