Jacobinia Jacobinia

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Jacobinia Jacobinia
Jacobinia Jacobinia
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Family of acanthus. Homeland - South and Central America. The genus Jacobinia Jacobinia no longer exists, it is included in the genus Justicia Justicia.

Jacobinia Fields Jacobinia pohliana is currently called Justicia bright red or meat red Justicia carnea.

Jacobinia small-flowered Jacobinia pauciflora is currently called Justicia Rizzini Justicia rizzinii.


Jacobinia Fields


Jacobinia small-flowered

Description and details of care in the article Justice

Brief cultural requirements

Temperature: Moderate. In summer 20 - 24 ° С, in winter 16-18, minimum 14 ° С.

Lighting: Bright, diffused light with some direct sunlight.

Watering: Abundant from spring to autumn with drying of the top layer of the earth. In winter, moderate or sparse, depending on the temperature, with good drying, but not completely drying out the earth.

Air humidity: high. Periodic spraying is required.

Transfer: Every year in spring young plants, in 2-3 years adults. Soil - 1 part sod, 1 part humus, 1 part leafy land and 1 part sand. Pour high drainage at the bottom.

Reproduction: cuttings rooted in water.

Growth rate: fast.

Crown formation: Shoot pruning in February-March, half the length of the stems.

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