Exacum Exacum

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Exacum Exacum
Exacum Exacum
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Gentian family. Homeland East and South Asia, Malay Archipelago, about. Socotra. There are about 20-30 species in culture. More often grown as an annual plant.

Exacum related Exacum affine is a biennial herb about 20-30 cm high. Stems are erect, leaves are ovoid, about 3.5 cm long, bright green in color. The flowers are small - about 1 cm in diameter, lilac-bluish in color, fragrant. Flowering is usually very abundant.

Ekzakum - care and cultivation

Temperature: moderate, preferably in the fresh air (balcony, loggia), not higher than 26 ° C. In winter, Ekzakum does not tolerate the heat of heated rooms in low light conditions; ideal conditions for it are 16-18 ° C.

Lighting: Exakum is photophilous, requiring bright light with little direct sunlight. In summer, during the hottest hours, you need shading. If the light is too intense, the flowers of the exacum can turn pale.

Watering: abundant from spring to autumn. The soil should be moist all the time inside the pot, but have time to dry out in the upper layers.

Fertilizer: weekly with a special fertilizer for decorative flowering plants. Top dressing begins a month after planting the seedlings in permanent pots and stops in the fall, when the upper part of the plant begins to dry out.

Air humidity: required above average, optimally 60-65%. Therefore, regular spraying is required, you can place the pot on a tray with water and wet pebbles.

Transfer: annually in the spring. Soil - 1 part sod, 1 part humus, 1 part leafy land and 1 part sand. Prefers containers for planting - wide bowls.

Reproduction: cuttings in spring and seeds. Exakum blooms six months after sowing, so they are sown earlier, if necessary, seedlings are supplemented. Seedlings are planted in several pieces. Pinch several times as it grows.

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