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Eucharis - Home Care
Eucharis - Home Care
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Amaryllis family. Homeland - Central and South America (Guatemala, Bolivia), mainly in the Amazon basin. About 20 species are widespread in nature.

The cultivated species of Eucharis large-flowered Eucharis x grandiflora is in fact a natural interspecific hybrid that appeared in nature by chance, as a result of crossing of the species Eucharis moorei and Eucharis sanderi. It blooms in late summer or autumn and blooms again in good conditions after a few months. This is a beautiful bulbous plant, the size of the bulb is about 3-6 cm. The leaves are broadly lanceolate, sitting on long petioles. The leaves are on average 25-50 cm long and 10-20 cm wide. The flowers are fragrant, collected in an umbrella-shaped inflorescence of 3-9 flowers in each, the peduncle is 60-80 cm long. In shape, the flower resembles a daffodil, the fruit is a box.

Eucharis large-flowered Eucharis x grandiflora is mistakenly attributed to him as a synonym for Eucharis amazonica Eucharis amazonica or "Amazonian lily", but in fact, it is a completely different, albeit similar species.


Eucharis care

To keep your eucharis looking well-groomed and healthy, wipe the leaves and petioles from dust weekly.

Temperature: Eucharis is thermophilic, in summer it grows under normal room conditions, and in winter it needs a cooler content at 18-20 ° C, at least 16 ° C.

Lighting: bright diffused light or partial shade, does not tolerate direct sunlight at midday, i.e. from 11 am to 4 pm shading is required. Morning and evening sun is welcome. If the plant is far from the window, the easiest option to increase the lighting is to supplement it with fluorescent or LED lamps. If the bush is old, large, then you need to place the lamps on both sides.

Watering: during the growing season, it is quite abundant, but not frequent - the soil should dry out very well for the next watering, otherwise the bulbs will rot. If you cannot decide on watering, then it is better to determine the drying out of the earth by touch (if it is dry by 2/3 of the pot, you can water it). Before flowering (in March and August), watering should be reduced, watering only after the soil in the pot has completely dried out. You can navigate by the turgor of the leaves - as soon as they become slightly soft and droop a little, you can water.

Fertilization: in spring and summer, until the end of flowering, fertilizing is carried out after 2 weeks with special liquid fertilizers for flowering indoor plants (Fertika-Lux, Bona Forte or Agricola for flowering plants).

Air humidity: from time to time, eucharis leaves are wiped with a sponge from dust. In the summer they are regularly sprayed, especially if the temperature is above 26 ° C. In general, eucharis is quite tolerant of dry air, but does not tolerate directional air from batteries. Those. if the leaves hang over the edge of the windowsill in winter, they will dry out. Therefore, it is better to place the plant away from the battery, but additional lighting may be needed.

Transplant: not earlier than once every 3-4 years, during the dormant period. During transplantation, unlike other bulbous ones, it is not recommended to separate the children unnecessarily in the eucharis, since the eucharis planted alone do not bloom for a long time. The bulbs are planted to a depth of 4-5 cm, i.e. do not go too deep. After planting, the first time is rarely watered.

The soil for eucharis should be nutritious, but loose, it is easy to let water through and dry quickly. We check this way: if you wet the earth, squeeze it in a fist, and it sticks together into a lump - such earth does not fit. When squeezing a lump of earth, it should not stick together, but disintegrate. To make the correct soil mixture, use: 2 parts of sod land, 1 part of leaf, 1 part of compost, 1 part of sand or vermiculite. You can add organic fertilizer "Giant" during transplantation (15-20 granules per pot). The container or pot for eucharis should not be deep, but wide enough. A high drainage layer must be poured onto the bottom.

Another version of the potting mix: 1 part garden soil, 1/2 part dry coconut substrate (in briquettes), 1/2 part sand. For half a bucket of this mixture, take half a glass of dry mullein or a glass of fresh horse manure. Mix the substrate thoroughly.


Eucharis is propagated by dividing the bush during transplantation and separating daughter bulbs. All sections must be sprinkled with crushed coal or ground cinnamon. The most important thing is not to plant children and small bushes in a pot that is too spacious, otherwise the plant will freeze in growth for a long time. In addition, there is a danger of waterlogging and acidification of the earth. You can plant 5-6 bulbs on a pot with a diameter of about 20 cm. When planting, the bulbs must be completely sprinkled with earth, but not too much - about 1.5-2 cm to the ground surface.

By the way, homemade eucharis is a wonderful plant for bouquets, it stands for a long time in a cut, and the most common application is in a bride's bouquet.

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