Fertika Lux Liquid Fertilizer - Application, Consumption Rates

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Fertika Lux Liquid Fertilizer - Application, Consumption Rates
Fertika Lux Liquid Fertilizer - Application, Consumption Rates
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ferrule for flowers
ferrule for flowers

Finally, one of the favorite fertilizers of gardeners and flower growers Kemira-Lux can now be purchased in liquid form and in a dosage corresponding to indoor plants. Kemira Lux is no more, this fertilizer is now produced under a different trade name - FERTIKA Lux. But if earlier it was possible to buy only crystal fertika, in the form of a water-soluble powder, now the range of products has expanded.

Fertilizer composition: NPK 3,2-4,1-5,4 + microelements.

Please note that this fertilizer composition is suitable, first of all, for flowering and fruit plants. If you have violets, gloxinia, hippeastrum, citrus, hibiscus, hoya, passionflower, oleander, etc. plants - you should pay attention to this fertilizer.

  • liquid complex mineral fertilizer, concentration 20%;
  • intended for feeding indoor and balcony plants;
  • all macro- and microelements are in an optimal ratio;
  • the fertilizer does not contain chlorine;
  • stimulates bud formation;
  • increases flowering duration;
  • helps to obtain a rich color of flowers;
  • Available in 500 ml bottles.

Standards and guidelines

Dissolve the contents of 1 cap in 2 liters of water, water the plants with the prepared solution once a week in summer, and once every three weeks in winter.


Remember that houseplants need to be fed during the growing season, from March to August. Do not feed dormant plants, diseased and weakened plants, plants after severe drying, plants with damaged roots. You cannot feed the plants immediately after transplanting (there are enough nutrients in the ground for at least a month). Check the plant specific nutrient requirements before applying fertilizer.

Products under the name Kemira, Kemira GrowHow, GrowHow have not been produced in the Russian Federation since 01.01.2011. Fertilizers with a release date later than this date are fakes, be careful when buying fertilizers.

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