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Acaricide of intestinal action that affects the eggs, larvae and nymphs of many types of mites. Active ingredient: hexythiazox hexythiazox, at a concentration of 100 g / kg. Manufacturer: "Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.", Japan. Produced in the form of a wetting powder of 5 g. Hazard class - 4 (slightly toxic substance).

Instructions for use

Mechanism of action:

  • hexythiazox hexythiazox belongs to the class of acaricides that regulate the growth of the tick, i.e. inhibits the processes of chitin formation, disrupts the processes of molting, pupation and fledging of the parasite;
  • the drug does not act on the adult form of ticks, therefore it is recommended to use it until the population of adult ticks reaches the threshold number;
  • after application of the drug, eggs, larvae and nymphs die, and the imago continues to live, laying new eggs. At the same time, none of the laid eggs is revived, and adults die by natural death within 7-10 days;
  • the visual effect from the use of the drug is observed 10 days after application.


  • a wide range of acaricidal action, hormonal preparation;
  • high efficiency in the fight against ticks at various stages of development (egg - larva - nymph);
  • lack of cross-resistance in ticks resistant to other acaricides;
  • extended period of acaricidal action (up to 50 days);
  • lack of phytotoxicity in relation to most crops;
  • compatible with many types of pesticides, including growth stimulants, except for drugs with an alkaline reaction;
  • does not have a detrimental effect on the beneficial entomofauna.

Consumption rate

1 g nissoran per 1 liter of water.

Just dilute the preparation in water, shake the spray bottle thoroughly and spray the leaves on all sides - you can put the plant on its side in the bathroom, sprinkle on one side, turn over and moisten on the other. It is recommended to carry out the treatment before the appearance of the first generation adult tick population. In the case of a high degree of plant infestation with adult mites, Nissoran can be used in a mixture with other acaricides that act on adults to quickly destroy the population of adult insects, for example, Sunmite, the consumption rate is maintained (1 g / l).

Security measures. To carry out processing using personal protective equipment. During work, you must not smoke, drink, eat. After work, wash your face and hands with soap, rinse your mouth. Store the drug in a cool dry room at temperatures from -15C to + 30C, separate from food products and drugs, out of the reach of children and pets! Storage of working solution is not allowed. When used in personal subsidiary plots, it is prohibited to mix with other drugs. Burn the emptied container in a special place, without inhaling combustion products! Do not use for any other purpose. Do not dispose of into drains, rivers or other bodies of water.

First aid in case of poisoning: if the drug gets on the skin, wash off with soap and water; in case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with running water; if it enters the digestive tract, drink 3-4 glasses of water, induce vomiting, take a few tablets of activated carbon, seek medical help.

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