Sunmight - Instructions For Use, Consumption Rates, Recommendations

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Sunmight - Instructions For Use, Consumption Rates, Recommendations
Sunmight - Instructions For Use, Consumption Rates, Recommendations
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Acaricide of contact action, to combat a number of types of ticks: spider mite, strawberry mite, grape mite, etc., is also effective against whitefly. The active ingredient is pyridaben pyridaben, at a concentration of 200 g / kg. Manufacturer: "Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.", Japan. Available as a wettable powder. Hazard class - 2 (hazardous substance).

Instructions for use

Sunmight is used to spray the leaves (aerial parts) of plants. It has a contact effect, therefore, to achieve the maximum effect, thorough wetting of all surfaces of leaves, buds, buds, especially in the axils of branches and leaves, is of fundamental importance. Plants grown on blocks and in bark (orchids, bromeliads) can be watered with sunmite solution.


  • allows you to fight ticks at all stages of pest development (egg - larva - nymph - adult tick);
  • the use of the drug does not cause cross-resistance;
  • the drug begins to affect the pest within 15 minutes after treatment;
  • the drug is characterized by an extended period of action (5-6 weeks);
  • the effectiveness of the drug is not affected by temperature fluctuations;
  • safe for crops and low toxicity for warm-blooded animals;
  • almost odorless.

How to use, recommendations

  • on garden plants, it is recommended to use Sunmight after flowering, when the tick population density reaches or exceeds the threshold level;
  • in order to avoid accelerating the development of resistance, Sunmite should be used no more than once every six months;
  • precipitation that fell several hours before the treatment does not reduce the effectiveness of the drug;
  • Sunmight can be used in a mixture with all traditional insecticides and fungicides, except for strongly alkaline substances (eg Bordeaux liquid)!

Consumption rates

Thoroughly spray 1 g per 1 liter of water, only 1 treatment per spring-summer season is permissible (once every six months). To avoid accelerating the development of resistance, Sunmite should be used no more than once in the spring-summer season. It acts at all stages of the tick, but only if the drug gets on the eggs themselves, larvae and adults, i.e. you need to spray carefully on all sides and under the leaves, and the ground too.


Acaricide class of substance pyridaben - not defined unclassified. Has a fast paralyzing effect and a long residual effect (inhibits the movement of electrons in mitochondria). Pyridaben is relatively unstable in the light. Under the influence of UV radiation it is destroyed. The half-life of the substance in soil is 21 days, in water - 10 days.


Pyridaben is toxic to birds, slightly toxic to bees and warm-blooded animals (hazard class 3 for bees). In terms of oral and dermal toxicity, pyridaben is moderately dangerous, and in terms of inhalation, it is dangerous. Symptoms of poisoning: depression of the central nervous system, decreased motor activity, paralysis, staggering gait, nasal discharge, increased breathing rate, ataxia, weakness, decreased body temperature.

Security measures. Perform processing using personal protective equipment (spray outdoors, wearing a respirator). During work, you must not smoke, drink, eat. After work, wash your face and hands with soap, rinse your mouth. Store the drug in a cool dry room at temperatures from -15C to + 30C, separate from food products and drugs, out of the reach of children and pets! Storage of working solution is not allowed. When used in personal subsidiary plots, it is allowed to mix pyridaben with all insecticides and fungicides, except for alkaline ones (Bordeaux liquid).

First aid in case of poisoning: if the drug gets on the skin, wash off with soap and water; in case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with running water; if it enters the digestive tract, drink 3-4 glasses of water, induce vomiting, take a few tablets of activated carbon, seek medical help.

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