Fruitful - A Stimulator Of Plant Growth And Fruiting. Application Features And Instructions

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Fruitful - A Stimulator Of Plant Growth And Fruiting. Application Features And Instructions
Fruitful - A Stimulator Of Plant Growth And Fruiting. Application Features And Instructions
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Stimulator of plant growth and fruiting, Plodostim drug, registrant (manufacturer) LLC "Your economy" (Nizhny Novgorod). The drug is available in powder form, packed in 10 g bags, 5 bags in one cardboard box.

Active ingredient: 5.5 g / kg of gibberellic acids, sodium salts. It dissolves well in water. Hazard class: 3 (moderately hazardous substance). Low hazard to bees (class 3).

Analogs: "Bud" and "Ovary".

Mechanism of action


Gibberellic acids are a class of substances similar to organic acids obtained from the gibberella fungus. Under natural conditions, gibberellic acids are found in various plant tissues, but most of them in seeds - they are necessary for awakening seeds to ripening and embryo growth. Each plant produces several dozen types of gibberellic acids, much less of them are contained in the cotyledon leaves, even less in real leaves. The accumulation of gibberellic acids in plant tissues depends on environmental conditions, for example, lighting plays a significant role - more gibberellic acids are stored during the day than in the dark. The highest content of gibberellins in immature seeds, therefore, the purpose of stimulants containing organic acids is to remove seeds from a dormant state,and in the first place it is advisable to use them for germinating seeds. The properties of gibberellic acids make it possible to classify them as phytohormones.

Use of the drug Plodostim

When spraying with Plodoslim, the active substance penetrates through the leaf covers, the plant receives an impetus to growth:

  • the growth of vegetative mass is stimulated: the main stem and lateral shoots, and in plants forming rosettes, the density and mass of rosettes increases
  • in flowering plants, the number of ovaries increases, their safety increases, and more fruits are formed
  • it is believed that Fruitslim is able to increase not only the yield, but also the stress resistance of plants, resistance to diseases, this happens due to the strengthening of the stem or a decrease in the distance between the nodes
  • the effect of gibberellins on berry crops is especially valuable: for example, in grapes, spraying with Plodoslim 2-3 weeks before flowering leads to an elongation of the central axis of the grape bunch, an increase in its lateral branches, an increase in the size of berries and, accordingly, an increase in the weight of the bunch of grapes itself
  • in some ornamental flowering plants (geranium, gardenia, hydrangea) Fertility causes enlargement of flowers

Features of gibberellin growth stimulants

The peculiarities of drugs such as Plodostim are that the exact function of using them to form a flower is not entirely clear to scientists, since all plants react differently to the use of this type of stimulant: there are flower crops in which gibberellins do not contribute to flower formation, for example, in fuchsia, flowering is delayed, but greenery grows more vigorously, but cyclamens, on the contrary, bloom 1.5-2 weeks earlier after spraying, this is widely used in industrial flower greenhouses.

You need to know that although Frudostim is not phytotoxic, overdoses can be harmful: too high a concentration will lead to the formation of longer and weaker peduncles.

Instructions for use

Powder of the drug Plodostim is diluted according to the instructions in warm water. Pour half of the required water into a plastic container, add the required amount of growth regulator powder, mix. Add water to the full volume of the solution and mix again. The working solution cannot be stored (use within 12 hours). Spraying should be carried out in non-sunny, moderately warm weather, preferably in the morning or evening hours.

Consumption rates

  • Tomatoes - 10 g per 5 l of water, spray three times: at the beginning of flowering of the first, second and third brushes.
  • Eggplant, pepper - 10 g per 5 l of water, spray twice - at the beginning of budding, after 2 weeks (at the beginning of flowering).
  • Cucumbers - 10 g per 5 l of water, spray twice - at the beginning of budding, again after 10-12 days.
  • White cabbage - 10 g per 10 l, spray twice - at the beginning of the formation of the head, again after 2 weeks.
  • Onions for greens - 10 g per 5 liters, soak the onions for 1 hour.
  • Onions per turnip - 10 g per 3 liters, spray over the tops: with a feather height of 5 cm, again after 10 days.
  • Carrot seeds - 10 g per 1.2 l - soak for 1 hour.
  • Spray shoots of carrots with a solution of 10 g per 2.5 liters of water, with the formation of 3-5 leaves.
  • Leaf lettuce can be sprayed by diluting 10 g per 5 liters of water, with the formation of 4-5 leaves.
  • Spray berries (raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, currants, gooseberries) with a solution: 10 g per 5 liters of water, the first time - when the buds appear, the second - when green ovaries appear.
  • The grapes are sprayed once or twice, with the end of flowering (or at the time of full flowering), the second spraying can be done after 8-9 days later. The working solution is also prepared 10 g per 5 l of water, the inflorescences must be sprayed from all sides. Consumption - about 1.5 liters per 10m2 of vineyard.
  • Apple, cherry, plum - dilute 10 g per 5 liters of water, spray for the first time in the flowering phase, again after the petals fall. The consumption of the working fluid is 6 liters per 100 m².
  • Spray garden flowers at the rate of 10 g of Plodostim preparation per 2.5 l, when 3-4 pairs of leaves are formed, again - after 10-15 days.

Precautions: Plodostim is not recommended to be combined with other drugs. During work, you must not drink, smoke, eat. Keep away from fire! It is forbidden to pour the drug into the sewage system and water bodies! Store in closed, dry rooms, at temperatures from –10 ° С to +50 ° С, separately from food products and medicines, out of the reach of children and animals, at least 3 m from heating devices.

Expiration date: 2 years.

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