Decis Profi - Instructions For Use

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Decis Profi - Instructions For Use
Decis Profi - Instructions For Use
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Insecticide of intestinal action, effective against various pests of flowers: aphids, thrips, and garden plants: leafworm, apple (pear and plum) moth, beet flea, weevil, bread flea, cereal fly, Colorado potato beetle. Active ingredient: deltamethrin, at a concentration of 250 g / kg.

Manufacturer: Bayer CropScience, Germany. It is produced in vials of 0.6 kg, and packages of 1 g. Hazard class - 3 (moderately hazardous substance). Analog: drug Fas.

Features of the drug

  • Deltamethrin belongs to the group of synthetic pyrethroids (cyanopyrethroids);
  • Has a very fast action: from a few seconds to 5 minutes;
  • The mechanism of action is manifested in a violation of the function of the pest's nervous system. Poisoning consists in strong excitement, damage to the motor centers.
  • The duration of the protective action is 15 days;
  • Mixing with alkaline preparations is not recommended. Resistant to rain washout after use.


Phytotoxicity is controversial. So, in the book "Conservation and protection of the forest." 1986, issue 1. "The use of pyrethroids and dimilin in forestry in the USSR and abroad", authors FS Kuteev, LI Lyashenko, II Puchkova, it is mentioned that deltamethrin in 0.01% concentration caused burns of young leaves Brussels sprouts. Experiments on beans have shown that deltamethrin at 0.0175% concentration reduces the accumulation of total and protein nitrogen in the leaves for 50 days after treatment and affects the synthesis of ascorbic acid. There is no other data confirming this information. But this does not prove the opposite either. it cannot be argued that decis is completely non-phytotoxic.

Attention fake: In Russia, the drug Decis-Profi (deltamethrin) is produced only in bottles of 0.6 kg, and packages of 1 year. On sale there is a fake in 2 ml ampoules or 10 ml vials - such products are counterfeit. The official importer in Russia of Bayer CropScience AG products under the Bayer Garden trademark is Agroline LLC, pay attention to the label on the package:

  • Bayer Garden lettering is in two lines, and below it is the Bayer Cross logo;
  • the package contains a photograph of pink potato tubers;
  • on the front, along with a photograph of potato tubers, there is an image of a bent green hand in a red circle with the inscription ANTI-STRESS-FORMULA;
  • the top of the package (“tongue”) is light green with the Bayer logo on it along with the word “Bayer Garden”.

According to the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of the Russian Federation from 20.04.2011.

Consumption rates Decis Profi

How to breed Decis Profi for garden treatments, at the rate of 10 liters per hundred square meters:

  • 1 g of the drug is diluted in 10 liters of water for processing apple, pear, plum, potato;
  • 0.7 g of the drug is diluted in 10 liters of water for processing peas;
  • 0.5 g of the drug is diluted in 10 liters of water for processing tomatoes and cabbage;
  • 0.35-0.4 g of the drug is diluted in 10 liters of water for processing cereals (barley and wheat);
  • 0.35 g of the drug is diluted in 10 l of water for processing turnip.

How to dilute Decis Profi for home treatments: the contents of the package - dilute 0.1 gram in 1 liter of water.

Decis-Profi is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, as well as growth regulators (Zircon, Ribav-Extra, Epin, etc.), except for preparations with an alkaline reaction (Bordeaux mixture, etc.).

Waiting times - the time after processing before harvesting on potatoes and cabbage - 20 days, on tomatoes, melons and fruit (apple, pear) - 30 days.


The drug Decis Profi on a ten-point scale in surveys of florists received an average of 7-8 points. High efficiency was noted - it really destroys pests, there is no phytotoxicity, spots or yellowing were not noticed on any plant after treatment (the norms were not exceeded), liquid Decis Profi was easily diluted in water, the smell is weak.

There are disadvantages: low resistance in the environment, a short period of protective action (15 days are declared, in fact it can be about 10 days).


The half-life of deltamethrin in soil is 12 to 50 days, depending on temperature and soil type. Deltamethrin-based preparations belong to hazard classes 2 and 3 for humans and hazard class 1 for bees. The drug is prohibited for use in the sanitary zone of fishery reservoirs.

Deltamethrin irritates the skin and mucous membranes, with repeated application, non-healing wounds are formed. When ingested, ataxia, increased salivation, decreased activity, convulsions occur.

Security measures. Treat using personal protective equipment (respirator, gloves, protective clothing). During work, you must not smoke, drink, eat. After work, wash your face and hands with soap, rinse your mouth. Store the drug in a cool dry room at a temperature of -10C to + 30C, separately from food products and medicines, in places inaccessible to children and pets! Storage of working solution is not allowed.

First aid in case of poisoning: if the drug gets on the skin, wash off with soap and water; in case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with running water; if it enters the digestive tract, drink 3-4 glasses of water, induce vomiting, take a few tablets of activated carbon, seek medical help. With severe neuralgic symptoms, drink diazepam (Valium) 10 - 20 mg.

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